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Power Sector Crisis: Barth Nnaji Loses Out, Resigns

Professor Barth Nnaji has become a high profile casualty in the crisis in Nigeria’s power sector as President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday “accepted” his resignation as the Minister of Power with immediate effect. The development opened a new chapter in the standoff  between unions of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) and the federal government over modalities for fully privatizing the electricity sector.

A statement by Presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati said President Jonathan thanked Prof. Nnaji “for his services to the nation under the present administration and wishes him well in his future endeavours.”

Prof. Barth Nnaji Read the rest of this entry

Reuben Abati: The Jonathan They Dont Know

The clear danger to public affairs commentary is that we have a lot of unintelligent people repeating silly clichés and too many intelligent persons wasting their talents lending relevance to thoughtless conclusions.

“THEY” in this piece refers to all the cynics, the pestle-wielding critics, the unrelenting, self-appointed activists, the idle and idling, twittering, collective children of anger, the distracted crowd of Facebook addicts, the BBM-pinging soap opera gossips of Nigeria, who seem to be in competition among themselves to pull down President Goodluck Jonathan. This army of sponsored and self-appointed anarchists is so diverse; many of them don’t even know why or how they should attack the president. Read the rest of this entry

President Jonathan commissions bullet-proof vest factory in Kaduna


The president commissioned a bullet-proof vest production factory at the Defence Industry Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) yesterday in Kaduna. 
The factory will produce bullet-proof vests and other textile wares for the Nigerian Armed Forces and other security agencies in the country.

Court stops Federal Government from renaming UNILAG

MAY 29 BLUNDER – What’s in a Name?

Guinness Book of Records recognizes GEJ for creating the highest number of Panels

Government warns T.B. Joshua not to make any negative prophesies concerning GEJ

I WONT SPARE ANYBODY – SAYS JONATHAN….A very funny statement

“I WONT SPARE ANYBODY” says Jonathan. GEJ talks tough reacting to cynicism over the implementation of the fuel subsidy probe report, the President said he won’t spare anybody who is culpable in the scam.
President Goodluck Jonathan also said that he will not reach out or beg any lawmaker. Na wa o, i really fear for Nigerians whenever he does this. See his face as if he really means it. Him just dey squeeze the face like erm…ok leave that one.

We all remember what happened the last time he said he was winning the war against BH. Who is fooling who? Shey na today dem begin set panel? After setting of panel dem go say ‘money no loss’,abegi agbeegi, if him like make him sqeeze face like Obasanjo him papa own…..’enu o se o’. Its not by mouth. lol

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