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Video Of Unilag Girl Dancing Nakėd Leaks Online

#InotherNews – Google Maps and Wikipedia concurrs, changes Unilag to Maulag too

Exposed: MBGN 2012, Isabella Ayuk is 30 Years Old Not 26 As Claimed

Nigerian Goldie Cries For Love In Big Brother Africa

Prezzo followed Goldie in the bedroom at night and he re-assured her that he actually loves and cares about her and that all the housemates know that he really cares and loves her. Prezzo and Goldie fell out over a disagreement about cigarettes which led to the rapper feeling disrespected.

He warned Goldie not to mistake his kindness for weakness. he said he was not weak.” Goldie begged repeatedly for his forgiveness but Prezzo remained unresponsive until she ran out to go cry in her room.

The Nigerian celeb was screaming, crying and vomiting during the day, she again broke to tears at night as she talked to Prezzo.

R.I.P: University Of Nigeria, Nnsuka Student Commits Sucide

Lovers caught having sex in historic Sydney clock tower


Broadway clock tower romp

Romp around the clock … the two lovebirds in full view of passers-by in the tower on Broadway, Ultimo Source: The Daily Telegraph

WELL, it’s one way to get noticed on Broadway: Two daring young lovers have been caught having sex at the top of Sydney’s historic clock tower.

Extraordinary pictures obtained by the Daily Telegraph show the couple apparently giving each other a number of very special hugs against the balcony underneath the giant clock across the road from Broadway Shopping Centre, near the University of Sydney, at 3.30pm on Friday.

The pair were in full view of the busy street below and almost seemed to be deliberately on display, soon attracting a crowd of onlookers.

The pictures were taken by a bystander from a bus stop across the road, where people were pointing and laughing at the twosome.

“A few other people had noticed as well and when I started taking photos everyone in the area started to look up and point, laugh, grin,” the witness said.

“From the looks of it, the couple did seem to know they could be seen and seemed complete unfazed.”

It has been suggested that the two may have been students staying at the UniLodge below and gained access via the roof – however their identity remains a mystery.

The couple is urged to come forward and reveal themselves. Don’t be shy.

Culled from Daily Mail

TV babe sends saucy tweets and naked photo to toyboy she met on Twitter

Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg caught short for cash on his honeymoon after being left bewildered

He is enjoying a dream honeymoon with his bride.

But when it comes to his finances, Mark Zuckerberg suffered something of a nightmare yesterday.

First the Facebook founder was told he has plunged down the richest people in the world league following the social networking site’s bungled stock market flotation.

And just hours later the 28-year-old was left cashless after apparently becoming bewildered by how to work an Italian ATM.

After several tries, he and his new wife, Priscilla Chan, 27, were eventually forced to try their luck at another cashpoint.

Since Facebook was floated on the stock market on May 18, Zuckerberg has seen £3.2billion wiped off his personal fortune, taking it to £9.4billion.

He is behind Colombian investor Luis Carlos Sarmiento, who is the 40th richest person in the world with £9.9billion, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Five things you need to know about EDEN HAZARD.

There’s A NEW DISEASE . . More DEADLY THAN AIDS . . . Spreading In The United States!!!

Chagas disease is a parasitic infection transmitted by blood-sucking insects, largely in impovershed areas.

Oxford Scientific/Getty Images


Chagas disease is a parasitic infection transmitted by blood-sucking insects, largely in impovershed areas.

Experts say Charles Darwin suffered from Chagas disease, being called the “new AIDS of the Americas.”


Experts say Charles Darwin suffered from Chagas disease, being called the “new AIDS of the Americas.”

Experts have dubbed it the “C.”

A parasitic infection called Chagas Disease has similarities to the early spread of HIV, according to research published recently in the journal PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Like AIDS, Chagas is hard to detect and has a long incubation period before symptoms emerge, the study said, according to the New York Times.

As many as 8 million people are infected in the Western Hemisphere, mainly in Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia and Central America, as well as some 30,000 people in the U.S., the newspaper reported. Chagas infects people in areas of poverty, and most U.S. cases are found in immigrants.

Because Chagas is often left untreated, it spreads easily, either genetically or through blood transfusion. If caught early, it can be treated with intense medication, but the drugs are scarce in poor countries and very little money is invested in searching for new treatments, the paper said.

Chagas is usually transmitted from the bite of blood-sucking insects that release a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi into the victim’s bloodstream. The parasite can eventually make its way to the heart, where it can live and multiply.

Infections often stay dormant for years, and then emerge as heart arrhythmias and heart failure. About a quarter of victims develop enlarged heart or intestines that can lead to sudden death if they burst, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

New research suggests Chagas may have led to the death of Charles Darwin — one of the great medical mysteries.

Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine believe Darwin suffered from three different illnesses, including a Chagas infection contracted on a voyage to the Andes in South America, the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month.

Darwin wrote in his diary that he was bitten by a “great wingless black bug” during the trip in 1835. He died 47 years later of heart failure.




We just CONFIRMED today from a grapevine who knows a snitch EXTRE-E-E-EMELY close to Beyonce is that she is CURRENTLY PREGNANT with her second child.

Now this is NOT a rumor, it was CONFIRMED earlier today  How can we be so sure??? Well according to the snitch, who is Bey’s CLOSE INNER CIRCLE, Bey is NO LONGER drinking and has begun taking FOLIC ACID pills. Folic acid is necessary for women early on in their pregnancy. And as for NOT DRINKING . . . lets just say that it is VERY UNLIKE Bey . . . to turn down a glass of wine!!

The insider explained, “She didn’t drink any alcohol [for weeks] and we’ve ordered Petrus & Champagne multiple times. And Petrus is her favorite wine! It just wasn’t her.”

We’re told to expect an announcement “late summer” when Bey is further along in her pregnancy. Now she’s only about 2 months.



MAY 29 BLUNDER – What’s in a Name?

(Photos) Unilag female students who protested topless over renaming institution after MKO Abiola

Experts put rebranding of UNILAG to MAUL AT 1Billion Naira


Brand experts have assessed the change of University of Lagos to Moshood Abiola University and said that re-branding exercise of the new name will cost about N1 billion.
Following the expected huge cost of re-branding the university, marketing operators have advised the authorities of the school to go about the rebranding in phases.
The CEO of MediaCraft agency, John Ehiguese, said though the re-branding of the 50-year old university will involve a lot of money but the school should approach it in phases.

He said that the discussion against the name change is informed by emotion and believed that over time, people will get used to it. Ehiguese, who argued that name is most important to brand, said that Moshood Abiola is a strong brand.

For Chido Nwakanma, the CEO of Blueflower Limited, a public relations outfit, who said that it was a right move to immortalise Abiola but the Federal Government should have chosen a sports institution, a sector where MKO played significantly and put the cost of re-building the name to about N2 billion.

He argued that there is already a higher institution named after Abiola, insisting that naming UNILAG after him is therefore not original and will perhaps contend with the other institution bearing MKO’s name.

According to him, UNILAG has built brand equity over 50 years. “The name change will mean that the institution will start re-building equity”.
On his part, the managing director of Absolute PR, Akonte Ekine, puts the cost at several millions of naira.

Ekine said globally name change is effected to honour individuals who have made great contributions to the society. “People must learn to face the truth. Over time, we will discover what the president has done”, Ekine said.

He believed that some people are against the name change because they have strong association to the old name.

Assessing the development, the CEO of SY &T, Simon Tumba, believed that Jonathan’s government effected the name change on political reasons.
“Over time, the South West has chided the government for not immortalising Abiola, the move therefore is to appease the people”, he said.


Hon Patrick Obahiagbon speaks on the Renaming of Unilag to Maul


ASUU plans to resist UNILAG’s change of name

[Video] Unilag Renamed To Moshood Abiola University, as students protest

Nigerian Appointed First Black Police Commander In London

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