The SECRET behind the death of John Attah Mills of Ghana and Meles Zenawi


What is the SECRET behind the death of John Attah Mills of Ghana and meles Zenawi, and the serious illness of Jakaya President of Tanzania? The three of them attended the same meeting and got sick at the same time after the meeting,,
Whats missing? please do tell..

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  1. Comon, tel us d full story. Wat meetin ar u talkin about? Or is dis jst anoda conspiracy theory?

  2. i think these is done for the interest of USA against china. and CIA is responsible for the death of PM meles zenawi, john attah mill and series illness of tanzanian president who were intelegent affrican leaders.

  3. well…i wish i get to know wat opinion do z alive ‘jakaya’ have about this incident.
    Any info pls?

  4. this is nothing to Ethiopia because pm melees zenawi creates a lot of melees in Ethiopia & Africa. but to those do bad thing we fight anthill the end.

  5. I want to know the true information about the accident. really there are so many Meleses in Ethiopia & Africa. but there may be an ugly secret behind that we have to fight.

  6. I want to know the exact info pl tell us ….bt im proud of Africa and they have produced so many Meless,Mil n…

  7. Please we wanna knw the cz.

  8. why evil countries wish africa to be dark contient with poverity and insatblity ?

  9. …this is the time to say one thing to CIA which is responsible for the death of meles and attah mills…it may succeed in silencing the two wise African leaders but that silence comes at a price. it has shown itself to be as barbaric and ruthless . it has also shown to have no respect for life, liberty or any civilized value. further, it has shown itself to be unworthy of the trust of civilized men and women. it may succeed in silencing meles and attah mills but the howl of protest from around the world will reverberate.

  10. I want to know what the secret is behind. Please tell us.

  11. I felt sorry, if it is done purposly. They kill Ethiopia not only Meles.

  12. When USA is declining with her ideology and economy they feard against chine & growing africans.any how we have 80 M meles.

  13. It is z purpose of USA cs z 3 leaders asked compensation 4 air polution zt china&usa done to africa . When zy here such wise ppl zy think alot about africa.

  14. please tell us wha’s the secret behind this

  15. Hmm not only three of them, the key body guard of Meles, the Orthodox-Paps, and more people who was around are passing!
    Was there contamination? Why CIA why not Iran? Who was interested in doing that?

  16. True, at this point the fingers are pointing to a lot dif directions, but we think we know who dunnit…most of you here have an idea.. but theres just not enof proof. Look at the case of Alexander Litivinko…all there is, is “i think” “we think” We know but not sure”. MO (MablizzyOfficicial)I will keep you posted as we gather more intel on this matter. Thank you all for dropping by.. pls encourage more of your friends to visit here thank you n feel free to read other articles and air your view.

  17. No matter what the cause will be, we all Africans, especially Ethiopians are ready to respond in a way the cause becomes.we will show how we love our PM Meles, our country, and our continent Africa in so many ways, even it might not be good if there is an involvement of the USA.

  18. Am sharing your idea as my opinion there is some thing behind the death of our unique PM Meles, the president of Ghana and the illness of Tanzania president.i want to know their type of diseases. are they suffer same type of disease or not? We Ethiopians we have to unite more than other time to achieve the dream of our Dear Pm Meles Zenawi. Who was every thing to Ethiopia.And he will be remembered for ever for his special contribution for this poor but fast growing nation.Pls Unite..unite…unite together for ever!!!!!

  19. this is the way american think

  20. We, Ethiopians, are in mourning.We will celebrate the burial ceremony of our beloved PRIME MINISTER MELESE. But, I don’t know what easily made him pass away until this time. Any way, we lost him in feel bad this time.

  21. we should know the exact cause of our prime minster meles zenawi death.there is a big fake behind the death of two african leaders and the serious illness of the third african leader who attend the same meeting.

  22. Obviously, america assassinates the brave pan Africans leaders.

    But the question is why the white devils used Obama (black) to do that job?

  23. pls why dont u tell us the fact and stop beating about the bush

  24. Truth will Come Soon!!!

  25. This is the time of Africa and also the time of death and darkness of Devil peoples from Africa and Worlds that wish darkness for Africa .
    for the body that contribute for the death of brave African leaders we made it back unbleavable Attack even for the world Devil CIA and USA if they

    The truth come soon I know!

  26. mohamed salem abdallah

    il est temps de faire payer sa ça par la non violence parce qu’on a pas la force…. peut etre manifester à tres grande echelle dans tout le continent.

  27. Why USA do this on their land? why not come to the palace each government and kill everyone or by conflicting each other rather than on USA?
    see the point. I am confusing on this idea

  28. Things will not stay the same forever, if that is what they thought. If not this generation, the next, next …generation of our beloved Ethiopia will unravel the truth and make the devil who did this pay the price (dear price)…that is natural and heavenly plan.

  29. I was wondering of the same time event of the 3 well known & respected Leaders of Africa. They attend meeting together, sick same time and two of them died …… Why does Western want Africa to be remain poor, more of conflict and war? Why does China make cooperation with Africa with no preconditions, while western set conditions?? The 3 leaders attend global meeting representing not their country, but Africa as continent and they were powerful & globally accepted leaders.

    But why why why western are still selfish?????????

  30. I don’t think it is co-incidence when it comes to the death of John Attah Mills of Ghana and PM. Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia and also the illness of PR. Jakaya of Tanzania; because they all attened the same meeting same time by the invitation of PR. Obama and they were the only ones who invited from Africa. In my remark the one who is responsible for this plot is CIA. I suspect that the weapon they used is radiation, I also suspect that the reason for this assasination is that the leaders recently grow their relation with the USA rival China. That is all I suspect.

  31. i eagerly waiting to see the america cought in fire and destroy forever ,america the devil place in the world need to be destroyed ,and responcible for the death of pm.meles zenawi most americanc have rooten egg mind

  32. GOD bless US if their death is done purposely. I am an Ethiopian and meles is responsible for the separation of eritrea from Ethiopia he is genocider and dictator when he lost the 2005 election his soldiers killed 200 demonstrators in Addis Ababa he is an idiot slave of anti Ethiopia devil. Mill and the rest of african leaders also deserve to be cleansed because they are chrocodiles they live for thei apetite instead of for africa. Why they didn’t oppose zenawi when he was representing africa in many summits while not qualifying to represent even a small office? He tirelessly damages Ethiopia and kills Ethiopians and represent africa to transform africans into better future. If there was repeatition of death he deserves millions of deaths because he is an idiot firefly

    • Samson please stop this hate driven talks and be the first to see the other side from neutral ground
      It is really sick to see us quarrel about what was already done
      there will always be oppressor and oppressed as long as we are alive and live in this reality

  33. What always wondering me is who puts these people in power in the first place? The answer is simple, it’s the white western supremacy totalitarian Freemason, Illuminati, Bohemian Groove, Skull and Bones, the Bilderberg Group and NWO to establish the new world system. I’m not out of my mind, whether you believe it or not it’s absolutely true. I don’t think anyone would believe it because everyone of us has been set up.
    Who will conquer this world? Arm dealers! Mission Accomplish and they don’t need them any more. These men have done their parts and it’s time to get rid of them. That is exactly what happened. The evil people are working day and night to manipulate the world system and everything goes according to plan. Who owns the Banking system, the Financial Sector, Media, UN, Military Institutes, Educational and Medical Institutes, World Trade, Regional Organizations and Unions, Hollywood, World Sporting Events, Space Stations, Oil and Minerals? If anyone of you think it’s Africans own all these, then you are pathetic. Go and find out more about these people, it has been written thousands years ago.
    It’s time to wake, no more playing a game. All the world’s is a stage; and all the men and women merely players.
    God Bless Africa.
    “Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch her hands unto GOD” Psalm 68:31

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  35. In my opinion All the power from Allah te allmighty !!!!!!!!!!!!! If the three presedents or visionary leaders are killed by American CIA – do you think Allah the Allmighty will revenge to America!!! During the burial ceremonies how many people are crying a serious crying – Do you think it will be priceless – no no no no no we will wait the the respond from Allah.
    But As I am an Ethiopian the PM Meles done a lot to Ethiopia – to Africa and for the world – They kill him – it is the aknowledgemnet for his good deeds !
    The Enemy of Ethiopia – Meles not died – he creates 80 million only in Ethiopia – Imagine how many in other part of the world ??????????????????????????????????????

  36. why do p’ple with info on the way the americans and the cia are killing our great leaders do sit and watch, why? please take note… they did it in the past, they are doin it in the present. if they are not stop by exposing them they will do it in the future. speak out all you with credible info. speak out. God bless Africa……

  37. The unfortunate death of John Attah Mills along with the apparent illness of Jakaya might have been all unintended and merely a collateral damage. The main target was Meles Zenawi that had long been a secret plan perpetrated by GID, an Egyptian intelligence agency, which had Meles on its assassination list for years, with an indirect guidance of the CIA.

  38. I searched the web and nothing came out except this article about the subject 5years after the events, Oct 2017.This tells you the clandestineness of the operation, never to be revealed in our time.I got no doubt about they got killed by cia,for reasons i can’t go here

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