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New FEMALE CONDOMS are here. They don’t make noise, don’t look like plastic bag

They’ve been called noisy, unwieldy and looking like a plastic bag. Although the female condoms were approved in 1993, they haven’t exactly been embraced. After a second version of the female condom was approved in 2009, HIV/Aids health campaigners began distributing them in major cities and offering training on how to use them at community centres.

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‘Female porn stars are happier than other women and enjoy sex more’ [ Startling Study]

Sex industry girl

Happy … a scientific study rejects claims porn stars are ‘damaged goods’
FEMALE porn stars are happier than other women, a startling study claims.

The adult entertainers were found to have higher levels of self-esteem, positive feelings, social support, sexual satisfaction and spirituality than a control group.

Less surprisingly, the adult actresses also enjoy sex more and have much more of it, researchers found.

Porn stars typically start having sex earlier — on average aged 15 rather than 17.

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Lady Raped By A Facebook Friend And His Pals On First Date

Umoja, Nairobi – She claims she met the dude in Facebook and both arranged for a friendly date after one month of lovey dovey inboxes.

The dude picked the gal in a dope car (Range rover) and drove to upmarket westlands for a drink. The gal was drinking red bull since she didnt want to put a bad picture on their 1st day. When the gal went to the loos the jamaaa put some mchele on her red bull.

MUST READ: The Amazing Things SEX can DO!

Health Benefits Of Sex
1 It makes some people religious: Oh my God! Yes! My God!2 It gives some people their first musical lesson: mmmm .aaaahh ooooh…aaahhh3 Makes some people natural competitors: Ffaaast! Fasterrr! Yeah fasterrr!

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Study: 5 Out Of 10 Women In Lagos Streets Are Carrying Sex Toys In Their Handbags

Theoretically, in Lagos almost anything can take the role of a “séx toy.” Other than two human
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Man Padlocks Wife’s Genitals For Four Years!

An Indian man who made a chastity belt to prevent his wife from having extramarital affair has been arrested by the police. 

Instead of trusting his wife would stay faithful to him, 38-year-old Sohanial Chouhan a mechanic by profession took matters into his hands in the most horrific and barbaric fashion, that even those in medieval times would cringe , at  the thought of it.

Chouhan brutality was exposed, when Sitabai, the wife he married at 16, was rushed into Maharaja Yashwant Raoin Hospital’s accident and emergency on July 16,  for treatment after attempting to commit suicide by consuming rat poison.

During the treatment, while trying to insert a tube to discharge the poison, the attending nurses were stunned to find a padlock in her v*g*na.

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Six Jealous Wives Rape Their Husband To Death In Benue


In the Yoruba culture, when people pray that a man should not leave the world through the same entrance by which he came into it, then something is apparently wrong with the sex drive of such a man. However, saying the same kind of prayer for Uroko Onoja might be a case of flogging a dead horse, as it is too late, after he was allegedly raped to death by his very own six (6) wives in the early hours of Tuesday.

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Unilag Or Mau Babe Pose Nude In Shower….. Showing Off

‘I can’t do without sex daily’ – 10 Year Old confesses (Photo)

Lovers caught having sex in historic Sydney clock tower


Broadway clock tower romp

Romp around the clock … the two lovebirds in full view of passers-by in the tower on Broadway, Ultimo Source: The Daily Telegraph

WELL, it’s one way to get noticed on Broadway: Two daring young lovers have been caught having sex at the top of Sydney’s historic clock tower.

Extraordinary pictures obtained by the Daily Telegraph show the couple apparently giving each other a number of very special hugs against the balcony underneath the giant clock across the road from Broadway Shopping Centre, near the University of Sydney, at 3.30pm on Friday.

The pair were in full view of the busy street below and almost seemed to be deliberately on display, soon attracting a crowd of onlookers.

The pictures were taken by a bystander from a bus stop across the road, where people were pointing and laughing at the twosome.

“A few other people had noticed as well and when I started taking photos everyone in the area started to look up and point, laugh, grin,” the witness said.

“From the looks of it, the couple did seem to know they could be seen and seemed complete unfazed.”

It has been suggested that the two may have been students staying at the UniLodge below and gained access via the roof – however their identity remains a mystery.

The couple is urged to come forward and reveal themselves. Don’t be shy.

Culled from Daily Mail

Meet the woman who profited $1.5m for putting innocent man in prison

Video: Sex in the BB house

Exclusive: Clip of neighbours having loud sex is a tube hit – Couple’s groans taped and posted on web to shame them

Video: Man Stuck Inside Another Man’s Wife After Husband Used Black Magic On Her

This happened in Kenya and the video was posted on Youtube two days ago. A Kenyan man (in blue jeans and white T.Shirt in the video) suspecting his wife was cheating on him went to a witch doctor who applied black magic on the wife. The unsuspecting wife went to a guest house to meet her lover and while having sex, the two got stuck….for hours.

Their ordeal attracted a large crowd, plus the police who couldn’t do anything for them. Eventually the lover agreed to pay the husband a huge sum of money in compensation, then a pastor was called to pray for them and they were finally separated. Sounds unbelievable right? See for yourself. The video is after the cut…

Is Your Partner Cheating? Here’s How to Find Out

#15 Trust Your Instincts

There are hundreds of subtle signs that will implicitly tip you off that your partner is cheating. If something feels wrong, it’s very likely is wrong.

#14 Watch… Very Carefully

After you’ve listened to your instincts, start to watch, very carefully. Is there a new friend? A new routine? Why?

#13 Look for the Signs

Not receiving as many texts? Calls? Are there secret telephone conversations? Catch a lie? Lots of screen time on the computer? These are all bad signs.

#12 Have a General Talk About Infidelity…

Is your partner defensive? Try to turn the tables on you? Angry? Why? Might be a guilty conscience.

#11 Say “I Love You”

 Does your partner return the comment? Mumble something? Avoid eye contact? What’s the problem? Perhaps it’s infidelity.

#10 Check Your Partner’s Browser History

 What’s your partner looking for? Bisexual hook ups? The old down low? BDSM? Dating sites? Perhaps your partner is in the mood for some experimentation … just not with you.

#9 Don’t focus on the sex…

 .. focus on the real reason your partner is cheating. What’s wrong with the relationship off the bed (or carpet). Are you spending “quality time” together? Making plans for the future? Sex is just the symptom.

#8 Talk to the Friends

 Don’t ask, “Is he having an affair.” Instead, ask about your partner’s regular activities. Are they mumbling? Avoiding eye contact? Appear to be covering up? Most likely they are.

#7 Ask About Specific People You Suspect

 Does your partner suddenly become defensive, slip into inconsistencies, avoid the discussion all together? Why that? Infidelity.

#6 Track History

 If your partner has cheated before, there’s an 2.5 increase likelihood they will cheat again. So why are you sticking around?


#5 Picks Fights

 Your partner’s guilty conscious is probably doing a real number on their behavior. It’s probably making them cranky and irritable … and they’re starting to pick fights for no good reason at all.

#4 How’s the Sex?

 Loss of interest in good old bedroom gymnastics might be a strong signal that you’re partner is trying out someone else’s trampoline.

#3 “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”

 This is the line that signals THE END. People who say this probably don’t know what love is in the first place and are so over you that they’re at 1,000 feet. So, just resolve to get over it, stick a fork in it and move along, there’s nothing to see.

#2 Sudden Need for Privacy

 Why? Why the long, solitary walks? Why, oh why? Why the sudden interest in new team sports that don’t include you? Your partner probably isn’t taking up meditation. Instead, your partner is yearning for some two-time, not alone time.

#1 “Working Late”

 Is your partner working long hours to earn a new promotion? Is there a sudden new flood of paperwork that has to be done? Yeah. Right. Odds are your partner wants something more than a good employee review.
lol….no be me talk am oh..hope it helps you lot shaaa

LOBATAN!!! Man shot dead while f**king in the church!!!

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