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ASUU plans to resist UNILAG’s change of name

[Video] Unilag Renamed To Moshood Abiola University, as students protest

Shocker ! Varsity Undergrad, Uche Dies After Sleeping With Dog

DROGBA: Believe it or not, most world’s best footballer / soccer star hails from Nigeria. lmfao


ok i carried last on this gist thanks to work, but i must still let your read it.

Believe it or not, most world’s best footballer / soccer star hail from Nigeria. According to a blog post on Naijapals where d tin de cause kASALA,

Popular Chelsea Football Club Striker, Didier Drogba has been reported to have hailed from a popular Aderogba family in Ogbomosho in Oyo state, Nigeria.

Based on one of the comments read on his spectacular performance during the finals of Champions League competition on Saturday, a commentator said; “Adedeji Aderogba (Now Didier Drogba) is from the Aderogba family house in Ogbomosho.

Didier Drogba relocated to Abidjan several years ago.

It is a common knowledge that many Nigerians from Ogbomosho, in Oyo State, and Ejigbo in Osun State live in Abidjan and Togo.

One of such cases is that of Tottenham FC of London striker, Emmanuel ‘Seyi Adebayor whose real names is Emmanuel Oluseyi Adebayo but took up Togolese citizenship when he could not get a chance to play in Nigeria’s U-17 squad.

Is it a crime to forget your citizenship for fame ? Please let’s discuss

And to have a big laff, follow the link to read comments

Just like EDWIN MUOFULUNANYA from Ozubulu, Anambra state went to America and become EDDIE MURPHY.

many Nigerians claim different countries in Europe…. no be drogba be d first person

Also like Kanyechuekele who traveled to America, now known  as Kanye West. You can axe google.. lol

for more comments,107678.0.html

One word. “WORD”

Brigitte's Banter

I’ve been in the blogging world for almost four months now, so I don’t claim to be an expert at this way we find ourselves communicating in the 21st century.  I do, however, consider myself a gracious and nice human being and try to extend courtesies when someone takes the time to acknowledge my work.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with a few tips that I believe all bloggers should keep in mind when they have something to say, whether that be from their own writing or when they comment on others.

1.  Find other blogs that you like and comment

I’ve found those blogs by exploring, sometimes through Freshly Pressed blogs, friends’ blogs or just by accident.  If I find one that I think is interesting, funny or inspiring, I make a comment.  I figure if they’ve taken the time to write something, I can do…

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This is so beautiful, i thought you should see too..Mount Fuji at its best….. i just wanna go there…

life to reset

If there is one thing that best represent  Japan’s natural beauty, it has to be the highest mountain- Mt. Fuji.   The 3,766m symmetrical cone shaped mountain has inspired poet and artist for decades, where it was often depicted with the top- half covered in snow.

My first visit to the mountain was last year, during the hiking season where the  picturesque snow-capped was gone.  I was a bit sad to see the mountain on its “ordinary” state, so I promised to myself that on one fine day, I shall return to Yamanashi prefecture, to see the mountain on all its glory.

To view the mountain requires exceptional timing and preferably “sunny, clear” weather condition. So, I was checking out the weather forecast almost everyday, as I don’t want to waste a 3 hours commute to the unpredictable spring season.

Last Sunday was just the right day that I was waiting…

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Davido’s Girlfriend UNLEASHED, Nish Kards – She is A MULLATO


David Adeleke has only being in the industry for just a year and it looks like he has been for a decade, many ladies are attracted to the pop star for various reasons, some claimed they liked his dimples and others for the obvious reason of fame and wealth, not forgetting is dad is a billionaire businessman in the USA.

The gorgeous lady is a beautiful Ghanaian mulatto (mixed race) and her name is Nish Kards and we hear they have been an item for quite a while now.  So SONIA was just a passing fad, one of the groupie? Anyways i just noticed a striking resemblance she has to Kim Kardashian. i just wonder if thats where she gets her name ‘Kards’.

Story Credit: Naijapals

Image: Maestro media

EXCLUSIVE: Tevez in Fergie attack


CARLOS TEVEZ last night launched an amazing attack on Alex Ferguson — telling his former boss: “You think you’re president of England.”

Carlos Tevez

The Manchester City striker held up an ‘RIP Fergie’ sign during the club’s title parade on Monday.

City apologised for Tevez’s “significant error of judgment” but the Argentine has refused to say sorry.

He said: “It seems like Ferguson is the president of England.

“He’s always spoken nonsense about me and I’ve never asked him to say sorry.

“When someone plays a joke on somebody else, you might apologise. But I won’t say sorry.”

The sign, handed to Tevez by a fan, was a reference to a quote made by Ferguson before a derby match in 2009.

Asked whether United would ever be underdogs against City, Ferguson said: “Not in my lifetime.”

Sulia Kan Ayetoro Kan!!! Funke Akindele Set To Marry Alhaji Lover

Funke Akindele Set To Marry Alhaji Kehinde Oloyede Almaroof, A Failed Politician


News filtered yesterday was that she was about to get married to a man whose identity was unknown.

Latest news about the actress has however unveiled Funke Akindele’s husband to be. He is Alhaji Kehinde Oloyede Almaroof.He is a well known politician and businessman within the Oshodi axis of Lagos State. gathered that he  contested and lost in his bid to become local government chairman and house of Representative member in Oshodi-Isolo 1 constituency in the past.He is better known by his alias Kenny Doo.He contested under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2007.

 News monitored on Best of Nollywood shows the profile of Alhaji Almaroof as married man who suprisingly stole the heart of the Return of Jenifa star.He is a stauch muslim and son of Iyaloja of Oshodi, while Funke’s mother is a Pastor at the Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM).Funke is also a member of MFM. The wedding introduction has been slated for May 26.

Photo:We catch am! Davido Kisses Female Fan On Stage!! Ema mi duro


Yin Oluwa Logo Ogo YOLO



Photo: Cossy Orjiakor brings out her full breast at the Night beach


For some time she has been in hibernation, too long that it got her admirers, fans, the press wondering what she was up to. She disappeared some time after her boy friend now ex dumped her or (ran away) because he couldn’t afford to buy a Range Rover sports jeep for her as a birthday gift. She went as far as telling the press that the dude wasn’t man enough for not being able to cater for her needs.

Now the gentle sexy diva has come again with her voluptuous oversize calling on admirers to see what she’s up to now. Check out what she said after posting the picture:

Tonight at lacanpian tropicana..Bermundia party. Nite beach things come and join me. Would you?

Mablizzy Exclusive: Barack Obama: The First Gay President


Newsweek magazine features President Barack Obama on the cover of the May 21st issue. The heading reads: ‘THE FIRST GAY PRESIDENT.’

Of course, the president isn’t gay, but he made history on May 9 when he became the first sitting president to voice his opinion endorsing same-sex marriage.

In his cover piece, writer Andrew Sullivan makes the inevitable comparison between the civil rights struggle and gay rights.

And President Obama has much in common with the gay community. “He had to discover his black identity and then reconcile it with his white family, just as gays discover their homosexual identity and then have to reconcile it with their heterosexual family,” Sullivan writes.


But other than Obama giving his opinion on a touchy subject, nothing much has changed politically. Obama will not campaign on a platform of gay marriage, and his decision has already cost him 7 key states in the presidential race.

And on Wednesday the House Armed Services Committee quietly passed its version of a bill to protect military chaplains from having to perform same sex marriages on military installations.

Kanye West Calls Kim Kardashian “Rare”


Kim Kardashian was all smiles when she arrived at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, and Kanye West might be the reason behind behind her big grin.

She’s in town to continue the promtion of her “Belle Noel” jewelry line, but she may have been more excited over what Kanye said about her on Twitter not too long ago.

Kim K was seen getting out of her boyfriend’s limited edition Mercedes Benz and Yeezy got ahold of the photo, which he tweeted with the caption “#RARE”.

Allowing her to drive his luxury vehicle and then calling her “rare” is reason enough for Kim to be smiling in an airport.

Kanye’s “Way Too Cold” lyrics continue to rub certain people the wrong, which isn’t rare.

Kris Humphries Refuses to Divorce Kim Kardashian


Kanye West and Kim Kardashiaan have been dating for a while now, but her divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries is still pending. It seems as if Kim K won’t be able to get rid of her potential ex-husband anytime soon, as Humphries refuses to sign the divorce papers.

The relationship between Kim and Kanye has undeniably angered Humphries, who is still technically married to Yeezy’s new girl. Now he looks to upset the two of them just as badly.

According to Bossip, Kris Humphries “has vowed not to not sign divorce papers and give Kardashian an easy and amicable divorce because he’s bitter she is now happy with West. In many cases of divorce, particularly for short term marriages like Kim’s with Kris, the process can be completed within six months, about the same time period Kardashian waited before taking up with Ye.”

A source close to both Kim and Kris also says “Kris wants to keep whatever control he can have over Kim for as long as possible. He refuses to sign the papers and give Kim the easy out. He’s enjoying pissing Kanye off.”

No telling how long Kris Humphries will let this situation linger.. But Kim and Kanye don’t seem affected by it as they’ve appeared in public on numerous occasions.

Nigeria and South Africa to settle issues with a battle of the Presidents

As South Africans continue to show themselves by harassing, embarrassing and deporting Nigerians, there are indications that the Nigerian Presidency has decided that enough is enough.

A source in government hinted that Nigerian leaders are shocked that South Africa, a country who owes her freedom from slavery to Nigeria, has now decided to start doing yanga.

Particularly vexing is the fact that South Africans have committed the one crime against Nigerians that everyone knows you should never commit: Embarrass a Nigerian.

For this and sundry other reasons including the recent unfair deportation of Nigerians from South Africa, the presidency of Jonathan Ebele Goodluck has decided to settle the matter once and for all.

Diplomatic options were initially considered but members of the inner cabal voted against this and strongly backed a military solution.

President Goodluck however vetoed the unleashing of Nigeria’s superior Armed Forces on the mere 50 million South Africans in existence and offered instead to take on their president, Mr Jacob Zuma, in a one-on-one battle of the Presidents.

Mr Zuma is yet to respond to the challenge to settle issues between his country and Nigeriain this honourable manner and is instead believed to be currently embroiled in yet another sex scandal. It is not know whether the new scandal involves any of his 5 wives, his baby mama who is the daughter of his friend, the lady is was charged with raping, or just another poor South African female who may or may not be HIV positive – not that it matters to Mr Jacob Zuma.

WAHALA!! Nigerian Artiste, Flavour Nabania In Alleged Child’s Multiple Fatherhood Mess


If report by a Ugandan publication is anything to go by, then, Nigerian artiste, Chinedu Okoli popularly known as Flavour Nabania might be in an alleged child’s fatherhood scandal.

According to what the news media, Uganda Picks published, which is presented below;

“Many of us have been waiting for the birth of this baby and now it is born and still wondering who the real father is.

Given the fact that Bad Black has given birth to a black baby, we are now ruling out David Greenhalgh as the father and we turn to the likes of Mr. Flavour, Meddie Sentongo, and all the men who have been around her.

Among all the men, if analysed well, Mr. Flavour might be the father of Bad Black’s baby.

Lets look into this, Mr. Flavour came to Uganda in September for a performance and Bad black offered him $10,000 to sleep with him which he accepted and spent a night with her in a certain city hotel.

Now if we are counting the period at which Bad Black gave birth it brings us to close seven months.

Supposing they did not use any protection in September, lets Start counting from October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and a few days into May.

This definitely supports our thinking and brings back Chinedu Okoli aka Mr. Flavour N’abania as the father of the baby.

Bad Black was too tired of the pregnancy that she opted to give birth at seven months.

However, this cannot be depended on alone. There is a possibility that the baby black might be fathered by Meddie Sentongo her ‘limelight’ boyfriend because at one time Bad Black was over heard asking Meddie at Club Rouge when he is giving her a child in Luganda, “Naye Meddie ompayo di owana nga nkwagala nyo.”

Many other Men also had affairs with Bad Black but the ones who came to the limelight are Meddie, Mr. Flavour, and Greenhalgh.

Despite of the doubts about the baby’s father, Bad Black insists that the baby is fathered by Greenhalgh and she is waiting for him to clear the hospital bills and also take his child.

The mother and the baby are reportedly in good condition though still weak.”


Wayne & Fiancee Dhea #good times

May 10, 2012: We just received word that rapper LIL WAYNE and his fiance DHEA have decided to call it quits. The two were dating for nearly a year . . . and now it’s a WRAP!!

What happened? Well according to our MTO SNITCH in YMCMB, Dhea did a PHOTO SHOOT for a popular men’s magazine and started a Twitter account – and Weezy wasn’t happy about it.

Lil Wayne believed that she was trying to get FAME OFF HIS NAME . . . so he FIRED THE CHICK!!!

Once he tweeted that he didn’t want his chick in the limelight.

Can’t say we BLAME him . . .

DIVINE! Baby Born With Quran in Lagos (Photo) (Read 135 times)

His mother, Mrs. Kikelomo Ilori, 32, a Cosmetologist, told us that he was born on Monday after she had carried the pregnancy for about 10 months. The single mother claimed she was abandoned by her husband who denied responsibility for the pregnancy and encouraged her to abort it. The woman also said: “When I refused to abort the pregnancy, he deserted me, saying ‘that is your own problem’.” Mrs. Ilori expressed surprise at the birth of the boy. She added that the nurse who delivered her of the baby was physically challenged, but went about it commendably.


“When my baby was delivered holding a Quran in his hand, the nurse said the Quran should be thrown away. But I insisted my mother must see it before any action could be taken,” Kikelomo, who is a Christian, further explained.

Corroborating the story, Senior Rev. Victoria Yetunde Dada said during the pregnancy, Kikelomo was always coming to her for prayers and counselling.

“I advised her not to abort the pregnancy because she might die in the process. Again, I told her the foetus was sent by God and will be great,” Apostle Mother Dada told our correspondent. Controversy has continued to trail the seemingly spurious claim.

Reacting, Medical Director of Bodet Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos, Dr. Bode Tawak said scientifically, it was not possible for a baby to be born holding a Quran.

“How big is the baby’s hand to hold the Quran? How big is the Quran? How did the Quran get into her mother’s womb? I don’t know how a Quran can get into a womb. But there are things you can’t explain,” Dr. Tawak responded. He said while the incident cannot be explained medically, in Nigeria many mysterious things happen. A Kaduna-based medical practitioner, Dr. Munir Yusuf said from a medical point of view, it was not possible, but added that depending on the size of the Quran, it was possible metaphysically.

He explained that if the Quran is small enough to pass through the diameter of the v*g*na, with the child, it is possible. In the same vein, a herbal medicine practitioner, Chief Dr. Bola Adegunloye believes nothing is impossible, but said too much importance must not be placed on the incident.

Muna finally comes to her senses, sends apologies to Modenine.


Yesterday, News of a war between Manachi Abii former most beautiful girl in Nigeria and Naija legendry rapper Modenine rocked our Media, and social networks. It happend tha Mode who was a chief judge in a Nokia talent show opinion on a matter as a judge should, but MUna who was also a presenter (who had no say in the matter showed sheer disrespect, disloyalty and gross arrogance to his senior in the game by  telling him that; “She doesn’t go with his opinion, and that her opinion also counts”.

<WTF since when the did the opinions of presenters begin to matter in shows of such nature. After public out cry and social network bad-mouthing, Muna finally came back to her senses, and apologized through her publicist, & also sent out tweets in such accord…See tweets below.


See Video of Muna’s show of shame below..

GEJ GETS INVOLVED in the WAR between Munachi Abii & Legendary Rapper Mode 9 On Live TV [Video]

This might just be my prove that the most beautiful girl in Nigeria award is a total and complete SCAM!!, Munachi Abii was the winner of the 2008 edition of the award, she later on became a rapper after winning the beauty crown – a crown people claimed its not only about external beauty but good behaviour too. The rapper however showed her nasty behaviour on live TV as she uttered disrespectful words at legendary rapper, Mode 9 during a live TV show by Nokia.

The gist rocked all social networks & blogs earlier this morning.
At the recent Nokia Don’t Break the Beat Competition (a talent show to find Nigeria’s next great rapper). Former beauty queen cum rapper Munach Abii (the presenter) and Modenine (one of the judges) had some choice words for each other.

You see Mode9 arguably the greatest lyricist Nigeria has produced gave his opinion on one of the freestyle battles, Muna (who need I remind you was the show’s presenter and shouldn’t even express her opinion, and let’s not forget has only been rapping for 2minutes) didn’t agree with Mode and took him to task on this, very unprofessional…
What now remains is a question, has there been beef between them both?? or a form of malice??
Well less i forget why i brought you here,our dear President GEJ we heard from another grapevine condemns Muna’s show of disrespect to MOde 9. He also claims his govt. is on top of the matter……


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