Doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter after star died during sixth breast enlargement surgery

 'Nightmare': A judge said the anaesthesiologist had made a 'unique, albeit terrible, mistake'

  • Carolin Wosnitza, 23, had a heart attack during her sixth breast op
  • Anaesthesiologist, 56, failed to ensure porn star had enough oxygen
  • Hamburg doctor received a 15-month suspended sentence

A doctor has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter following the death of a porn star who suffered a heart attack while undergoing her sixth breast enlargement operation.

German Carolin Wosnitza, 23, who performed under the stage name ‘Sexy Cora’, died after going under the knife to boost her breasts from a size 34F to a 34G.

An anaesthesiologist was today found guilty at a court in Hamburg of failing to ensure Ms Wosnitza had enough oxygen during the surgery in 2011.

The 56 year old female doctor, known only as M.F., was given a 15-month suspended sentence after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter, the dpa news agency reported.

During the trial M.F. had told the court she took responsibility for the porn star’s death, it said.

‘Nightmare’: A judge said the anaesthesiologist had made a ‘unique, albeit terrible, mistake’

Mrs Wosnitza, who appeared on the German version of reality show Big Brother, was put into an induced coma following serious complications during her breast enhancement surgery two years ago.

Her family were called to the hospital in Hamburg, north Germany, where they were told she had been without oxygen for a period of 15 minutes during the operation, and was in a ‘serious condition’.

The heavily tattooed adult actress died nine days later, and an investigation was launched into the clinic.

A judge at Hamburg district court described the events that unfolded at the clinic as ‘a nightmare’, according to

Rejecting calls to ban the anaesthesiologist from practising in the future, the judge told her the incident was ‘a unique, albeit terrible mistake that you made’.

He said she had failed to correctly monitor the 23-year-old’s breathing, and that a long period elapsed before she realised there was a problem.

The judge also criticised conditions at the clinic where the botched surgery took place.

Mrs Wosnitza’s widower had claimed the doctor turned off the alarm on the breathing monitor during his wife’s surgery to avoid being distracted.


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