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BREAKING NEWS: Website Claims That Kim Kardashian Is ‘FAKING’ Her Pregnancy!!! (Here Is What THEY SAY)


January 08, 2013: There is a new report out today by the website Celeb Dirty Laundry. They surmise that Kim is faking her pregnancy. How, you ask.

Well here is their THEORY:

So will Kim Kardashian have a fake pregnancy ala Beyonce? Come on, we all know Bey had a surrogate… especially after her Australian TV appearance where her belly seemed to flip inside out momentarily. Hey to each her own… but why lie about it. Yes, I did see the white bikini photo of B, but that was clearly a photo-op and anyone can push out their belly a little.

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Fast and fuRIHousn Beef: Rita Ora grabs Rihanna movie role

Rihanna and Rita Ora

Feud … Rihanna, left, and Rita Ora
RIHANNA will be furious when she finds out RITA ORA has bagged a film role she had been earmarked for.

The Bajan — whose new album Unapologetic went straight to No 1 this week — had been lined up to play the villain in upcoming blockbuster The Fast And The Furious 6.

But now it’ll be Rita in the limelight in supercars, alongside VIN DIESEL and DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSON.

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You Blue it! Jay-Z and Beyonce lose “Blue Ivy” trademark court case

SINGER Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z have lost a battle to trademark the name of their daughter Blue Ivy.

The celebrity couple filed legal patent papers to protect her moniker soon after her birth in January.

They planned to launch a range of baby clothing using her name.

But they were blocked after a challenge by Boston wedding planners Blue Ivy, formed in 2009.

Owner Veronica Alexandra, 32, said she would welcome an offer for the Blue Ivy naming rights.

Lil Wayne disses Mitt Romney on ‘Cashed out’

Lil Wayne Romney

Lil Wayne & Mitt Romney: not friends.

Add Lil Wayne to the list of rappers unimpressed with Mitt Romney’s personal finance decisions. Weezy took a quick shot at the GOP presidential hopeful on “Cashed Out,” a song off the rapper’s maligned mixtape, Dedication 4.

“Cashed Out” is a cover of “Cashing Out,” by a track by southern rapper Ca$h Out. If that seems redundant, it is — Wayne’s Dedication mixtape series features the Young Money Cash Monday Billionaires label boss doing his best to outdo other performers on their own beats. (Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.)

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Kanye West finally gets a phone…because of Kim K


Kanye West has never owned a phone, at least according to him. But he has finally relented and bought one…because of new girlfriend, Kim K.

Kanye West “doesn’t like to be tied down by technology,” says a source, and didn’t have a cell before falling for Kim Kardashian.

“It frustrated Kim,” adds the insider. “She had to call him through his bodyguard.” But West recently caved and got a secret phone. Says a source, “He only uses it for Kim!”


Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye and Kim K at the BET Awards

CRACKS IN THE THRONES!!! Kanye West BLASTS Beyonce And Jay Z . . . For EXCLUDING Kim Kardashian!!

SUPER-DUPER EXCLUSIVE!!! Jay Z And Beyonce Have A BLOW UP FIGHT . . . Over Kim Kardashian!!! (. . . And Bey WALKS OUT On Jigga)

MABLIZZY EXCLUSIVE!!!!! Don’t Bring KIM KARDASHIAN Around ME . . . Or My Family!!! (Details AND Evidence)

April 26, 2012: It looks like there may be some . . . TENSION between Jay Z and friend/labelmate/tour mate Kanye West.

Sources told us WEEKS AGO that Jay is NOT TOO ENTHUSIASTIC about Kanye’s new love of Kim Kardashian.

We were ALSO told that Jay Z had FORBIDDEN Kim Kardashian from coming ON TOUR with the pair.

Well now we’re told that Jay Z and Beyonce are NOT going to be in the same ROOM with Kanye and Kim Kardashian.

According to TWO VERY RELIABLE  snitches, that Jay Z and Beyonce REFUSED TO ENTER Carmelo Anthony’s special “Audemars” dinner on Monday night – until AFTER Kim and Kanye left.

One insider told us that Jay Z and Bey WAITED OUTSIDE, in their van – until Kim and Kanye left. Tells the insider, “Beyonce doesn’t want to be in the same [photo] shot with [Kim Kardashian].”

Another insider told us that Kim and Kanye ONLY STAYED for 5 minutes. And after they left, Beyonce and Jay Z arrived and enjoyed themselves until the EARLY MORNING hours. The insider explained, “Swizz Beat was DJing, and Jay and Bey had a great time.”

Hopefully Yeezy doesn’t do anything STUPID, and f*ck up the THRONES TOUR!!!

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