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Jim Iyke at it again: Spots Shame on you girls Tee.

Jim Iyke we all know for his prowess in Nollywood (Nigeria Movie industry), but we also know him for his pride, arrogance and his ‘IDGAF’ attitude. Recently he has become popular on twitter for “Shout outs” to all his haters. Here he spots a tee with message to “All gurls”.
What do you think????

Copycat: Chris Brown copy’s WILLOW SMITH With His New Hairstyle!!!

What do you think?

Mariah Carey’s & 50Cent’s longstanding manager Chris Lighty ‘shoots himself dead at 44 after row with ex-wife’

Tragic death: Chris Lighty with ex-wife Veronica, at Kanye West’s 30th birthday five years ago; he shot himself after an argument between the two

Hip-hop bigwig Chris Lighty died after he shot himself during an argument with his ex-wife inside his Bronx apartment, it’s being reported.  Lighty, 44 – a longstanding manager of 50 Cent, Diddy, Ja Rule and Carey – shot himself in the head after an argument with his former wife at about 11.30 am today.

The New York Daily News confirmed this with police sources. Law enforcement sources added that Lighty – who divorced his wife last year – may have been dealing with financial struggles, including owing about $5 million to the IRS.

Lighty, founder of Violator Management, merged with another talent company to form Primary Violator around the time of his divorce. Read the rest of this entry

Attention Ladies! Meet the newest Men’s Health cover (and his winning six-pack)

It’s the magazine that describes its reader’s as ‘active, successful, intelligent men’ whose rippling abs grace its cover month after month.

And now, after sifting through hundreds of entries, the readers of Men’s Health have spoken and chosen the winner of the iconic title of Cover Model 2012.

Meet Charlie Powell, a 32-year-old army captain from Stamford in Lincolnshire, who has been crowned with the prestigious title of Men’s Health Cover Model 2012.

Meet Irina Shayk, Christiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend

She’s used to modelling underwear for a living, but it seems that when it comes to everyday life Irina Shayk prefers to go braless. The 26-year-old model seemed to have forgotten to put a bra on when she accompanied her boyfriend, Christiano, Ronaldo, to a football draw ceremony for the UEFA Champions League at Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo, Monaco. (Thursday).

Wearing a smart white blazer, that just happened to be low cut, Irina showed off just the right amount of side boob as she sat with her sportsman boyfriend. However, it was a near wardrobe malfunction for the Russian model, who almost flashed some nipple as she laughed with Christiano. The brunette was too busy to notice how much flesh she was showing off as she gazed at the footballer and giggled.


1, 500 Nigerian students face deportation in UK

Around 2,600 foreign students could be deported from Britain after their university was stripped of its ability to sponsor visas for pupils beyond the European Union, the government announced Thursday. The move provoked dismay from students and accusations that the move by the Conservative-led government, which is bent on reducing immigration, could damage Britain’s global reputation. Read the rest of this entry

3 year old girl raped at Adeniji Adele (Photos)

The victim

This incident happened yesterday afternoon at Adeniji Adele, Dolphin Estate, Phase 2. A little girl ran into a woman’s shop crying. The woman asked her why she was crying, but the little girl couldn’t really express herself. She just kept pointing at a particular direction, and crying. Then a few minutes later, the shop owner saw a man approaching her shop and calling on the girl to follow him. The woman asked the man who he was and why he was after the girl. The man probably realized the women wasn’t going to release the girl to him, so he tried to run. The woman raised an alarm immediately shouting ole ole, thinking he was a kidnapper, not knowing he had done something much worse. Read the rest of this entry

Men Vs Women: Who cheats more – Why both cheat

#15 Successful Guys Attract Women

Successful men with a lot of money often cheat because they do not spend a lot of time with their families (they’re too busy traveling and working) and their success makes them attractive to women. How else could you explain how Donald Trump managed to cheat on his wife, Ivana, with a beauty queen from Georgia?

#14 Some Women Want it All and a Bit More

Some women want to experience as much from life as they can. They work hard and they play hard. That can mean drug and alcohol abuse. It can also mean cheating. Whoopi Goldberg is a good example of how some women just need more and more. You’d think she had it all, but she admits that she cheated on her husbands. Read the rest of this entry

South Africa: Faced With Moral Indefensibility, Desmond Tutu UN-Friends Tony Blair

File photo: Desmond Tutu. Tutu’s withdrawal from the Discovery Leadership Summit may prove a critical moment in the build-up of pressure on international governments and the institutions of international justice to pay attention to the movement calling for Blair’s prosecution for war crimes.

On Tuesday, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu pulled out of the Discovery Leadership Summit, citing his refusal to share a platform with former British prime minister, Tony Blair. Tutu, a Nobel peace laureate, said Blair’s support of the Iraq war was “morally indefensible”. Read the rest of this entry

Ethiopia: What Might a Post-Meles Era Bring?


The Late Zenawi

As Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia laid to rest, many are wondering what the future holds for the country.

There is significant anxiety within Meles’ inner circle about who will take the reins of power if the prime minister passes away and increased speculation amongst his enemies despite the regime barring the media from reporting on Meles’ health.

People are questioning whether succession will be easy and smooth or slow and difficult; whether the new leadership will be willing to share power with the growing opposition and many ethnically-inspired movements in the country; who the new rulers might be; and whether the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) coalition will survive the end of Meles’ paternalistic rule. As of now, however, questions are abundant but answers are few. Read the rest of this entry

Minister tells of Mugabe’s ‘Great’ sleep

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe sleeps at crucial meetings and has become a liability for the country, one of his ministers has said.

Professor Welshman Ncube who leads of one of the two Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formations said the 88 year-old leader slept at the recent Southern African Development Community (SADC) summit in Mozambique.

Prof Ncube told party supporters that President Mugabe had to be roused by Zambian President Michael Sata after he fell asleep a few minutes after the meeting that was meant to discuss the Zimbabwe crisis began. Read the rest of this entry

Aliko Dangote’s challenge to Nigerians

In a forum recently in Lagos, Aliko Dangote, president Dangote Group, admonished Nigerians to invest in their country. According to him, this is the only way Nigerians can attract foreigners to invest in Nigeria. Aliko is robustly qualified to come up with this golden advice.

This Nigerian business mogul has paid his dues with a business empire spanning several sectors of the economy – food, shelter, oil and gas, cement. Only recently, Dangote, who is  Africa’s richest man announced he would lead a $7 billion investment in Nigeria’s power, petrochemical and mining sectors over the next four years. He said he would contribute $2.5 billion to these projects while $4.5 billion would be borrowed from reputable international lenders such as the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Read the rest of this entry

Mother gives birth to a second set of twins on the same day as the first

Kim Hefer, 29, pictured, from Little Paxton, Cambs, was stunned when she gave birth to Devon and Logan on July 18 – the birthday of her four-year-old twin sons Tristan and Blake. Kim and husband Freddie, 30, were expecting the babies on August 13 but were ‘gobsmacked’ when they arrived four weeks early.

Amber Rose ‘expecting her first child’ with fiancé Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose is pregnant with her first child, it has been reported.

The model and her rapper fiancé Wiz Khalifa did not plan the alleged pregnancy but are reportedly delighted to have a little one on the way.

It has also emerged that the engaged couple may tie the knot sooner than they originally intended to. Read the rest of this entry

Nigeria: U.S.$400 Billion of Oil Revenue Stolen, Says Ezekwesili

Oil vessel impounded by JTF, with 187,500 litres of adulterated fuel in Bayelsa

Former World Bank Vice-President for Africa, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, Tuesday said an estimated $400 billion of Nigeria’s oil revenue has been stolen or misspent since the country’s independence in 1960.

She also declared that while oil accounted for about 90 per cent of the value of the country’s exports, over 80 per cent of that money ended up in the hands of one percent of the population. Read the rest of this entry

Al-Qaeda plots attacks on African countries


As the country struggles to curb the violent activities of the Islamic fundamentalist sect, Boko Haram, international intelligence agencies have uncovered plans by al-Qaeda, to launch fresh attacks on Nigeria, Ghana and two other African countries. Al-Qaeda, which was founded by the late Osama bin Laden, has launched attacks all over the world.

Investigations authoritatively showed that the targeted countries were receiving help from Western nations on how to prevent the onslaught, according to the Punch. Read the rest of this entry

50 Cent introduces “The 50th Law Comic Book” Preview

50 Cent "The 50th Law Comic Book" Preview

Church Where People Worship Naked (warning Video Contains Nudity)

IVOR – In church, you come as you are. That’s especially true inside the Whitetail Chapel in Ivor. Clothing is optional for everyone from the pastor to the congregation.
“I really don’t think God cares what you wear when you worship,” said Richard Foley, a member of the congregation. “The thing is worship.”
Churchgoers like Foley have no problem getting the word of God from a pastor in his birthday suit.
“Some of the biggest moments in Jesus’ life he was naked,” Pastor Allen Parker said. “When he was born he was naked, when he was crucified he was naked and when he arose he left his clothes in the tomb and he was naked. If God made us that way, how can that be wrong?”

New clothing store named ‘HITLER’ causes an unrest in indian community

'Hitler' opened two weeks ago and the owners say the name brings them business

Rajesh Shah, of men’s clothing store Hitler in Achmedabad, Gujarat province, claim ‘Hitler’ is simply a nickname for his business partner’s grandfather.They say they were unaware of the German dictator’s role in modern history and that they only recently read about it on the internet.  Meanwhile it provokes outrage among residents and the small Jewish community in Achmedabad in the Gujarat province.


Number of cancer drugs being rejected by health watchdog rises 50% in two years

Turned down: Drugs rejected by the health watchdog last year include treatments for advanced breast cancer, bowel cancer and prostate cancer

  • NICE is saying no to more treatments than it did before Cancer Drugs Fund was introduced. campaigners say
  • Fund set up by Government was intended to supplement the number of drugs available
  • Drugs turned down last year include treatments for advanced breast cancer and prostate cancer

The number of cancer drugs being rejected by the health watchdog has risen by 50 per cent in two years, a report has revealed.

Campaigners say NICE is saying no to more treatments since the Government introduced its flagship Cancer Drugs Fund, which was meant to supplement the number available.

Since 2010, ministers have set aside £200million a year for the fund to pay for cancer drugs which have not been approved by NICE for use on the NHS but which doctors think may help patients. Read the rest of this entry

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