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Jamie Foxx Covers Men’s Health Magazine: Talks Django Unchained And Flexes His Guns!




Jamie Foxx is posted up on the December issue of Men’s Health magazine and from the looks of his biceps, we’re wondering just how powerful Django Unchained is going to be.

Here are a few snippets from his interview in the mag:

Jamie on why playing a cowboy in Django Unchained was second nature to him…

“I watched Bonanza. I watched Hee Haw. I spun guns on my finger. Every kid, if you were in Texas, wanted to be a cowboy, whether you were black, white, Mexican, whatever.”

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Meet The 72-year-old Chinese Model Grandfather


72-year-old man models granddaughter's women's fashion designs
A 72-year-old Chinese man acts as a model for his granddaughter’s fashion range for women. Fashion designer Lyu Ting says her grandfather Liu Qianping recently visited her when she had just received a new consignment of clothes: “When unpacking the boxes, he casually put on one piece of the clothes, and I and my staff all thought it was a great match.”

Fashion and the Church Girl


One thing I know a little bit about is church. Adopted at a very young age, into a pastor’s family of ten kids, raised in a small country town, you can only imagine the hours spent in the place of God.

Aside from the normal no, no’s: getting white girl wasted, infidelity, stealing, lying, and murder, fashion and style of all things, seemed to bring just as much scrutiny to young women in attendance.

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TwizzleFrisky apparel Introduces afro centric ‘ankara teez’ designs

Twizzle frisky apparel known for their custom teez with bright coloured prints has decided to expand her couture by launching a new brand of afro centric ‘ankara teez’ designs.

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PHOTO: Balotelli’s PREGNANT girlfriend shows off baby bump on a catwalk.


MUM-to-be Raffaella Fico gives soccer star ex Mario Ballotelli tum-thing to think about — as she shows off her bump on a catwalk.

The Italian model, 24, paraded in a bikini at Milan Fashion Week while six months pregnant.
She says the Man City ace, 22, — whom she split up with in April — was at first thrilled over the tot.
But they are at war after he asked for a DNA test and she accused him of pestering her with abusive calls.
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Pictures: Kanye West Caught With His Pants Down

WTF is ‘Ye thinking??? He was caught by paparazzi cam with his pants sagging around his waist as he exited his car with new lover Kim Kardashian on their way into Kanye’s apartment after a date… hhiiiiaann



Latest news

An article on the New York Times caught our eyes and imposed a question we thought nobody could answer.
But apparently, there is an answer to “would men wear heels?” and that is “some would and by God, it’s happening everywhere!”

Stilettos (high heels) for men have recently been introduced *just imagine*

The ‘heels for men’ are aimed at the elite class, going by the price range – anywhere between $500 (N750,000) to $5,000 (N750,000)  a pair – way out of the regular man’s budget.

*dont know if your thinking what I’m thinking*

Among the most popular heels donned by men, the favorite brands include Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent. If you think these premium brands only cater to women’s sizes thus unavailable for men, you’d be surprised as these men often resort to ordering $3000 worth of custom-made heels for their larger feet.

One more high heel wearer, Gregory Alexander has his views about wearing high heels:

“It’s a power thing. You’re higher than everybody else. You make more sound. You walk a different way. It makes your legs look better. I don’t ever take them off. I even drive in them.

As a Guy, would you wear high heels?

What do you think of the new fashion?ImageImageImage

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