Unilag Or Mau Babe Pose Nude In Shower….. Showing Off


Everyday nude pix of unknown ladies keeps hitting the net, and we keep publishing in order to shame them. The other time it was the lady who was crazy for Donjazzy, and another was the Unilag students atop their balconies purportedly protesting the name change of their school nude. and today??mmmm..


What are they doing? is this the in-thing now??? or is this a mistake or deliberate leak?? well see the girl…You recognize her? Nudity is being apotheosised and this is so wrong… What happened to chastity??

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  1. She is agent of devil I pray God should hav mercy on her

  2. The first thing that comes to girls mind these day is that Am sexy,i have sexy body and that word is nt frm God but frm satan,and for crying out loud nobody is competing with u.rather u are insulting urself as a woman to be a free net prostittude .pls becare

  3. She is a goat and a disgrace to woman

  4. total slut.

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