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The Book of AFCON 13 v 1 – 9

1 And on that day when the Super Eagles had gathered in the burning bush against the Ethiopians of the eastern Desert, Keshi, the leader of the delegates gave directions to the people, but they listened not.
2 And Keshi knowing what awaited him at Abuja knelt down in his heart and cried unto the heaven saying “My God, my God, please do not forsake me, give me only one chance.”
3 As soon as he spoke those words, the Lord heard his cry, and the Holy Spirit descended on the burning bush in the south of Africa where the men had gathered and said to Moses the Son of Victor, “Moses, go yea forth into the 18 yard box of the Ethiopians.”
4 And Moses hearkened unto the voice of the lord and ran into the 18 yard box of the Ethiopians. and behold, a defender of the Ethiopian Army brought him down and caused a penalty.

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There will be a LOT of SEX in HEAVEN – THERRON ESENG

Found this article somewhere online and i thought i should share..

THERRON ESENG: Let me quote the verse in the book of Matthew 22:30: “For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the sons of God.”

It is a factual statement to say that the Bible is very complicated and open to discussion and debate, with regards to interpretation. On the other religious hand it is true that in this world we have people who are called Gnostics (those who claim to know God) and Agnostics (those who claim ignorance about deity and do not dispute its existence since they can’t prove neither claim).

Video: Woman Goes Nakéd During Board Meeting To Make A Point (Viewers Discretion Is Advised)

During a hearing of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Neighborhood Services Committee in which officials discussed a ban on public nudity, nudity activist Gypy Taub stepped up to the podium and addressed the committee.

Nud!ty does not harm children,” she said. “Have you ever seen a child cry because they saw a nakéd person? What do children do when they see nakéd people? They laugh. It makes them happy, it doesn’t traumatize them. Nud!ty is natural and harmless. Our bodies are God’s gift and God doesn’t make mistakes. Attacking our right to be nudé is an attack on sacredness, beauty, love freedom, art and creative self-expression.”

Watch video below…

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Blinging For Christ: Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor Rocks Expensive “Jesus Piece” Golden Chain [Photo]

Na wao, been a man of God this days is not easy, you have to compete with the likes of Dangot, Femi Otedola to own  private jets, compete with the game to rock gold piece and so on. This is the president of CAN pastor Ayo Oritsejafor rocking a rather expensive “Jeseus Piece” golden chain, is this really necessary? or just vanity? my people let us talk! because I am starting to consider a career change.. lol

“Those who say they need a private jet to make important appointments are liars” – Warren Buffet


Do you know that Warren Buffet owns the largest private jet manufacturing firm in the US? Yet he has never flown in one because he says “everyone who says they need a private jet to make important appointments are liars”. “They need it for their ego. Name me one of them busier than I am who owns more US corporations than I do”.

“I travel constantly across the US and the world in commercial jetliners, live in the same house since the 70s, still buy $9 ties and $75 suits and still drive my 22 year old immaculately maintained Lincoln”. Buffet is one of the richest men in the largest
economy on earth! All you thieving Govs & politricians, pls note.




2000 yrs from now, Another Bible would replace ours and the new Acts 16:16-30 will read like this


16 Once when we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a Pastor called Bakare who believed himself to be a truth sayer. He earned a great of respect.

17 He followed Oyedepo and Oyakhilome, shouting, “These men are not servants of the Most High God, They have private Jets at the expense of their poor congregation.”

18 He kept this up for many days. Finally Oyedepo became so annoyed that he turned around and said to the man, “If it’s your own private jet you want, why not just ask!” At that moment Pastor Bakare was disgusted.

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[Video] All GO’s & Religious Leaders Must Go To Prison — Pastor Tunde Bakare

Pastor Tunde Bakare has said pastors such as Adeboye, Kumuyi and also him should be sent to prison so as to have a feel of what the people are going through. Here’s what he said exactly

“All General overseers and religious leaders must go to prison, so they can feel the Nigerian situation. Lock Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Kumuyi, myself and others up in a Nigerian prison, may be if we come out we will change and put the interest of our people first. Preaching greed is sin, we have the confidence of millions of people and continue to fail them, that must change”

See the video after the cut. For where he said “All General Overseers must go to prison”, scroll to 1.07

Breaking News!!! Oyo 1st Lady Allegely Arrested in UK with 400,000 pounds 50Million Naira

A while back it was rumoured that Mrs Ajimobi was had been arrested in UK with 400,000 pounds and that her lawyer Wole Olanipekihn SAN was already working  to get her bail..but we chose to keep the news till we heard more.

Latest – After hours of working on our Contacts, This is what we have come up with, Both the Commissioner for information and Special Adviser on Media has refused to pick their calls or reply our Sms,But Private findings indicate that the 1st Lady might not be in town as she is said to have Travel 2days ago,we are sure that the Bbm Bc that has gone Viral would have gotten to the Commissioner or Ssa on Media,All the Good people of Oyo state and the Media will like to know is Where is the 1st Lady?it takes less than half an Hour to issue a statement.. The waiting Game contnues.


President Says Dame Patience A Bright Star

Abuja -President Goodluck Jonathan has described his wife Patience as the brightest star in his life and his jewel of inestimable value.

Jonathan was speaking at a ceremony to mark the 55th birthday anniversary of the First Lady at the State House, Abuja on Thursday.  Read the rest of this entry

T.B. Joshua Predicted The Flood In Nigeria [Video Evidence Inside]

On a Sunday Live service at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T.B Joshua delivered a prophetic message saying that he saw serious rains that would cause floods and bring destruction in the nation, Nigeria.

“It is always sensitive to talk about our country. Before you know it, they will say that is another thing. May God forgive us.” – Prophet T.B Joshua

He asked Nigerians to pray against flood disaster. Our leaders didn’t take him serious. Consequently, many have been stranded for days in over 7-states of Nigeria while some have lost either their source of livelihood or their lives.  Click after the cut to view video. Read the rest of this entry

Bishop David Oyedepo accused of exploiting British worshippers

This is a story published by UK Daily Mail this morning. They are accusing Bishop Oyedepo’s Winners Chapel of exploiting their worshipers and receiving over £16 million in donations from them. See it below…

A church run by a controversial multi-millionaire African preacher has been accused of ‘cynical exploitation’ after its British branch received £16.7 million in donations from followers who were told that God would give them riches in return.
Followers are ferried in double-decker shuttle buses to the church, handed slips inviting them to make debit card payments, and are even told obeying the ministry’s teachings will make them immune from illness.
Today’s Mail on Sunday revelations about the Winners’ Chapel movement have prompted the Charity Commission to review the charitable status  of the church – one of the fastest-growing in the UK.

How girl, 13, miraculously escaped from ritualists, 10 others used for rituals


…entered a bus, slept off and landed in a shrine
When Emmanuela, 13, a JSS student of Shadoff Secondary school, Igbogbo, set out on that fateful day for her usual Thursdays fellowship and faith clinic service at a church, little did she know that it was going to be the most horrifying experience of her life as a teenager.

But by divine intervention, Emmanuela returned to tell the grueling story of her kidnapp and how she was slated for rituals before God set her free. But other ten passengers could not live to tell their stories.  Read the rest of this entry

Baba Suwe shoots movie on his NDLEA ordeal

Yoruba renowned  actor and ace comedian, Babatunde Omidina, popularly known as Baba Suwe has said many film-makers have approached him to make a movie of his ordeal in the hands of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, which detained him for  weeks on allegation of drug trafficking.

Baba Suwe

The comedian who also lost his darling wife and partner barely over a year ago, in a phone chat with HVP  admitted the experience was one of the most trying times in his life as he was left confused and devastated.

He said he would never forget the experience and prayed that even his enemies should not have to go through what he went through. Read the rest of this entry

MI writes on the Rick Ross ‘Hold Me Back’ video shot in Nigeria

The rapper wrote on his website;

Does it make you angry? Does it rile you to see your country portrayed as poor and suffering and full of struggle? It burns you, does it not? To have some foreigner- who knows nothing of your history and pain, of the stories that flow within your blood- to have this foreigner come in and tell your story? Is it not the height of disrespect and insensitivity? Does it not chafe against the thick skin you have grown to cover your other wounds?


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