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Wisdom!!!! Akon is sending his cash to Africa amid fears of Obama tax raise on RICH Americans

If you ever harbored the thought that Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam simply referred to as Akon, is an empty barrel that makes the loudest noise when he boasts in his songs that he has money, then you are so wrong as the singer/songwriter has given a glimpse into how much ‘Benjamins’ he controls.
The Senegalese born singer tweeted a photo he posted on instagram showing a large volume of money with the caption, ‘sending my cash to Africa before Obama start raising taxes on the rich biiiiiitch!!!!’
See Akon’s Bundle of Cash Below

Kenyan Gospel artistes who are they serving JESUS or ILLUMINATI????…….. (VIDEOS)

Monday, November 26, 2012 – For the past one week, two videos have been going round the social media network, the videos are investigative details of how Kenyan gospel artists are involved in secret societies and in specific Illuminati.
Well the rumor about some celebrated artists in Kenya being members of Illuminati has been in the media and also in the social networks though no proof has been issued to confirm the allegations. Some of the alleged members have over time come out clean and in some people’s judgment they may have just been ignorant while using the signs associated with the secret society.
Below are two links of the videos from Okare’s investigation.

Mom sells her own daughter as SEX SLAVE for US$4, uses the money to BUY BEER


According to kenyan Daily, the Western Cape police are hunting a mom who allegedly sold her 13-year-old daughter as a sex slave for just R50 (US$4) a time.

The woman allegedly regularly took her little girl to bushes or outside shebeens and rented her out to men. She allegedly used the money to feed her own alcohol addiction as her little one was being raped.

The alleged abuse only came to light when the girl told one of her friends who in turn alerted their teacher. The girl is now being cared for at a shelter run by Atlantis ward councillor and abuse councillor Barbara Rass.

Young Kenyan mother names new-born twins Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Election enthusiast: Millicent Owuor, 20, holds her newly born twin boys named after U.S. President Barack Obama, left, and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, right.
  • 20-year-old Kenyan mother, Millicent Owour, gives birth to twin boys, names them Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
  • Owour named her twins after the winning and losing presidential candidates to remember the election
  • Kenyan residents celebrated as Obama dominated key states including Ohio and New Hampshire

A Kenyan mother who gave birth to twin boys on Wednesday named her new-born children after the president re-elect and his defeated Republican rival. Read the rest of this entry

Lady Raped By A Facebook Friend And His Pals On First Date

Umoja, Nairobi – She claims she met the dude in Facebook and both arranged for a friendly date after one month of lovey dovey inboxes.

The dude picked the gal in a dope car (Range rover) and drove to upmarket westlands for a drink. The gal was drinking red bull since she didnt want to put a bad picture on their 1st day. When the gal went to the loos the jamaaa put some mchele on her red bull.

Horn of sentry: Endangered … rhino is so rare it requires armed guards

White rhino Kenya

ARMED men guard a rhino so rare that there are only seven left in the world.

The Northern Whites have 24-hour protection and are encouraged to mate regularly, having been hunted to near-extinction by poachers for their horns.

The Ol Pejeta preserve in Kenya has four, including female Najin, 22, and male Suni, 31, who is thought to be world’s largest rhino at just under three tons.

NAKED PHOTOs of Miss Karun of Camp Mulla Surfaces …… ADULTS ONLY

Miss Karun of Camp Mulla is one lady who has not been controversial (except for the twitter thing mid this year) and that is why when such images are doing rounds on the net, it is hard to understand what could be the motivating factor for all this.
She has denied that this is her image, of which it is only normal to deny. We are not blind neither are we bonfools. We know  what Photoshop can do, but here we beg to differ.. But well Let us hope she is saying the TRUTH that THIS IS NOT HER.

This image is doing rounds on the net and it is hard to determine whether this is photoshop or not…….
You be the judge>>>> Viewer Discretion Read the rest of this entry

[Video] Burning of 3 people accused of practicing witch craft {Viewer Discretion}

The video is of a witch burning exercise in a village somewhere in Kisii and shows a group of about four young men mercilessly beating three people accused of practicing the dark art. The video shows the three people, two women and man, being beaten to a pulp. One of the three is a women who is clearly in her eighties (or at least late seventies) while the other two are middle-aged.
But it gets worse. Once the young men are tired of beating up the three, they collect dried leaves and branches from the nearby trees and set the three on fire. It’s a gruesome and sickening episode to watch especially because there is a crowd standing idly by while these three people suffer the most cruel of deaths.

Kenyan Post
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Goldie and Prezzo: To be or not to be

The Big Brother romance between Prezzo and Goldie is skyrocketing. The two are rumoured to be having an affair.

Earlier on, Prezzo had travelled to Nigeria to visit Goldie but denied this claiming that he was doing business in the ‘Oga’ country. Later on, the two started displaying their love on twitter and now it is real.

Goldie is said to have jetted in the country(Kenya) on Saturday night. She was met at the airport by former BBA contestant Millicent Mugadi and Prezzo. After hugging Millicent, she is said to have run towards Prezzo and the two warmly embraced. They chatted excitedly and seemed to be intoxicated with each other. Read the rest of this entry

Six lions speared to death for eating locals’ goats Revenge attack horror

[Video] New Hip Enhancement Mechanism (Booty pads) Sweeping The Streets Of Kenyan Women

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