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TNSB Entertainment Academy, USA Gives African Models/Aspiring Models a FREE info session

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Goldie: Love And Tragedy?

You only have one life to live, if you are lucky enough, you might get two. – D’banj

What’s love without tragedy – Rihanna

My eyes are sweating, my body too, I refuse to admit what is really happening to me. A great part of me wanes, save that I still breathe, I feel like my heart has gone awol. My skin has roughened up, over an attack by goose pimples, a million shivers run through my spines, I am nervous, I am perturbed, the truth is that I’m mourning.

This previous night I was waiting, patiently for cupid to shoot me. A night of love, St. Valentine’s day celebration. I had no love, I lost many, I’d found none, but I still had hope, there could be a miracle before midnight.

But what’s love without tragedy? While I waited for cupid, I took a peep on my twitter timeline, as usual, to know what the trend was that moment. My eyes grazed a tweet, an exclamation, a suggestion of an imminent tragedy. Then I saw another tweet with a name, a name I knew so much, a name we all know. I put the two together, ran a search and my results got me wishing I didn’t.

Rumors of death, questions, exclamations, cry-outs; ” could this be true? Oh No!”. My thoughts were, ‘this better be a rumor’, this better be a rumor. Right then I posted a tweet saying; “Stars have bounced back from ski accidents, let this be one”. I got mentions, tweeps asking what they were missing, but I replied not, I refused to fuel that rumor.

Woke this morning 4am, and it hit me, a feeling of uneasiness. A sad and disturbed heart, the rumor of the previous night has gone viral, every media outlet was saying the same thing, none had real details, the details they had were still sketchy. How could they have real details, obviously she’s not dead, she’s still alive, obviously this is the hand work of her enemies.

A deep voice kept whispering to me, telling me that I’m in denial, that I knew what was but refused to admit. My twitter timeline and BBM updates was full of admission, only a few were still in denial like me, only a few of us still whispered to our hearts; “Goldie can’t be dead, no she can’t be”.

Its awkward, I feel saddened. My emotions have plunged to an abyss of ponder, doubt, denial, gross disappointment. Last time I felt this way was late last year when I heard the news of my grandmother’s demise. I cried a bit, but I smiled for she had lived long enough to be a ‘great grandmother’. She was 95.

But this, I can’t take this, I refute it. I’m disappointed with life, I feel like I have been duped. My insides are bitter like one who has had a consumption of vinegar. My eyes blood red, hot like molten magma. I’m shaking, vibrating like one who stands face to face with the grim reaper. Why such a vile news on lover’s day eve? Or is it a rumor? Why would one peddle such evil news about another? But were this to be true, I would but ask life; ‘Life, why so evil?’.

My eyes still sweat, I wipe the fluids as they roll down my cheeks just before a brace with my bare chest. I’m perplexed by my own self. I know not why I feel this way, because I have no direct connections with her except her music. Yet this may be proof that all humans are soulfully connected in sublime lines of symmetry. I do not get emotional over rumors, yet here I am, sober, depressed. Her purported death is not yet confirmed. Thus, there is that chance Goldie is alive, and that this is nothing but a rumor. I hope. I hope. I just hope. For now I remain in denial.

– Blaise Aphascea (@Aim_LEGEND)

Voodoo Lounge: The Hottest Sensuous Beach bar In Lagos, Ask A Voodoo Priest


OPENED ON 24/12/2011 at Elegushi Private Beach Lagos Nigeria, the event highlighted  star appearance and performance, media coverage e.t.c.

Since its opening, it has been a number one spot for fun seekers who love the beach, afrocentrism and nature. In the past year,  Voodoo lounge has the highest celebrity appearance @ the Beach so far to mention  Wizkid, Saucekid, Davido, Wande Coal, Chuddy K, Obafemi Martins, Banky W. Read the rest of this entry

Doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter after star died during sixth breast enlargement surgery

 'Nightmare': A judge said the anaesthesiologist had made a 'unique, albeit terrible, mistake'

  • Carolin Wosnitza, 23, had a heart attack during her sixth breast op
  • Anaesthesiologist, 56, failed to ensure porn star had enough oxygen
  • Hamburg doctor received a 15-month suspended sentence

A doctor has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter following the death of a porn star who suffered a heart attack while undergoing her sixth breast enlargement operation.

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Ireland finally apologizes to the 10,000 ‘Magdalene Sister slaves’ of its Catholic workhouses who were locked up and brutalised by nuns

Magdalene laundries

Thousands of women were sent to the ‘Magdalene laundries’ over a 70-year period, such as the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity Magdalene Laundry in Dublin (bottom right). Irish prime minister Enda Kenny apologised but victims, including Maureen Sullivan (top right), demanded a stronger statement.

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DONT DRINK AND DRIVE: Star dies in drink-drive crash miles from home after all-day drinking AT CLUB

Budding Scottish rugby star died in drink-drive crash miles from home after all-day drinking session at club

  • Mitchell Todd, 21, was twice the legal drinking limit at the time of the crash
  • He died as a result of a catastrophic brain injury he would not have survived
  • Assistant deputy coroner gave a verdict of accidental death

Twice the legal limit: Mitchell Todd was not wearing a seatbelt and surrounded by empty wine bottles and beer cans when he crashed his car. Read the rest of this entry

The Book of AFCON 13 v 1 – 9

1 And on that day when the Super Eagles had gathered in the burning bush against the Ethiopians of the eastern Desert, Keshi, the leader of the delegates gave directions to the people, but they listened not.
2 And Keshi knowing what awaited him at Abuja knelt down in his heart and cried unto the heaven saying “My God, my God, please do not forsake me, give me only one chance.”
3 As soon as he spoke those words, the Lord heard his cry, and the Holy Spirit descended on the burning bush in the south of Africa where the men had gathered and said to Moses the Son of Victor, “Moses, go yea forth into the 18 yard box of the Ethiopians.”
4 And Moses hearkened unto the voice of the lord and ran into the 18 yard box of the Ethiopians. and behold, a defender of the Ethiopian Army brought him down and caused a penalty.

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Music And Videos Go Live On BlackBerry World Web Store Ahead Of Today’s BB10 Launch

blackberry world


blackberry world music and video

Today is D-Day for BlackBerry-maker RIM. Or rather BB10 day — as the company will finally do the big reveal of its rebooted mobile OS platform. With hours to go until the launch event kicks off, RIM has flicked the multimedia switch for its revamped BlackBerry World web store — putting the new music and video categories live.

The arrival of the content was spotted earlier by While both the music and video categories are appearing on the U.S. and Canadian versions of the storefront, when looking at the U.K. storefront only the music section is currently live.

Earlier this week RIM said the new video section would be available from launch in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., while the music store will be offered in 18 markets initially. The company has partnered with ROVI and 7digital to supply the video and DRM-free music content for BlackBerry World. RIM has not yet confirmed how extensive the catalogues are — beyond saying they are “competitive” and that it is adding “50+ titles per day” — but expect to get full details later today.

Natasha Lomas for Techcrunch


Couple refuse to work claiming parents have paid tax all their lives so they are entitled to £17,000 in benefits

 Entitlement: Gina Allen and Danny Creamer say they are entitled to benefits because the Government wouldn't provide them if they didn't need them

A young couple who receive more than £17,000 a year in benefits appeared on ITV’s This Morning to defend their taxpayer-funded lifestyle.

Danny Creamer, 21, and Gina Allen, 18, who live in a comfortable two-bedroom flat in Portsmouth  with their four month old daughter, Talulah Rose, say they are better off on £17k benefits and argue that unless they are able to find jobs that pay £18,000 a year or more, there’s no point in working.

The couple also hit back at those who describe them as scroungers, arguing that because their hard-working parents have paid tax all their lives, they are entitled to claim some of the money back.

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SimilarGroup Raises $2.5 Million To Take On Alexa’s (Often Terrible) Web Rankings With Its New SimilarWeb Service

Similarweb Light logo

Tel Aviv-based SimilarGroup, a company whose recently launched web measurement tool SimilarWeb is out to topple Alexa’s stronghold in web rankings, is today announcing $2.5 million in new funding. The round was led by Moshe Lichtman, the former President of Microsoft’s Israel Research and Development Center, and as a part of the funding, Lichtman is also joining the company’s board.


The company’s other investors include Dr. Yossi Vardi, the original investor in ICQ, as well as private equity firm Naftali Investments, and Docor International B.V. To date, SimilarGroup has raised $3.5 million in outside funding.

Founded in 2009, until recently, the company was known for its suite of branded browser plugins (SimilarWeb, SimilarSites, e.g.) which offer users suggestions of other sites like the one they’re currently visiting, alongside other useful information like web rankings, traffic reach and traffic sources, for example. These plugins and others help power the algorithms behind the newly launched SimilarWeb web measurement service.

But to take on Alexa, SimilarGroup has more up its sleeve than just a couple of plugins whose main user base may be marketers or SEO professionals. The company also has an undisclosed number (actually, they told me off the record – and it’s A LOT) of consumer-facing plugins which range from social plugins to games and more. End users of these plugins may not be aware that they’re helping contribute data to SimilarWeb’s rankings, because they’re not branded “Similar–”.

Combined, the company’s suite of plugins have been download tens of millions of times, and its online portal, today sees over 10 million visitors per month. It’s a lot of data to crunch – and thanks SimilarGroups’s plugins, the idea is that the company will be able to offer better and more accurate insights than Alexa.

Alexa as a brand, says SimilarGroup CEO Or Offer, just isn’t trusted anymore. The toolbar is used by marketing people, not normal users. “And the website looks bad, with a lot of ads,” he adds. “We’ve worked very hard in this past year and a half to build SimilarWeb…We hope to be the next Alexa,” he adds.

On the back-end, SimilarWeb uses its unique technology and its “enormous amount of data,” to offer measurements that are more accurate than Alexa. It’s something the company feels confident in saying, as they do their own internal comparisons of data accuracy regularly. While Offer declined to go on record with numbers here, he is claiming that the company’s data is highly accurate when compared to the competition. Since launching around ten days ago, he says engagement and repeat visits for the new platform are high – over half of users have returned, some spending over 5 minutes on the platform.

Offer also talks of the quality of SimilarGroup’s 25-person team, noting the company has Ph.D.’s on staff with backgrounds in things like machine learning, big data, and statistics, for example. “We’re a very savvy technology company,” says Offer. “We have a huge server farm with more than 100 servers…every month, we analyze more than one billion pages around the web.”

Not only is the company betting on the quality of its data, it’s also touting some unique features which allow users to delve in deeper to things like traffic sources, rankings, organic versus paid search, social traffic, related sites, and much more. (A comprehensive look into SimilarWeb vs. Alexa is detailed here on the company’s blog). And the data is also presented in a new, more engaging way – it’s provided in a clean, modern, almost infographic-like interface.


Going forward, the plan with the additional funding is to launch its “Pro” (paid) service to the public, which will serve as a source of revenue by offering users a subscription-based competitive analysis product. This will be available alongside the API packages the company has now. Offer also notes that the “ranking API” will remain free for those who want it .”We want to distribute our rankings all over the Internet. We want to displace Alexa rankings, so the ranking API you can get for free if you email us,” he tells us.

In addition to product developments, the company is planning to open offices in New York by year-end, where it will hire sales and marketing staff to sell its Pro product and other packages.


Shutterstock Launches Spectrum, Lets Users Search Through Millions Of Photos By Color

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 3.03.55 PM

Shutterstock is a major hub for designers, photographers, and companies. Not only can image enthusiasts upload their work to the site for perusal by others, but many users of the service find inspiration from the site’s troves of photos. Of course, with a library of over 22 million photos, search can become a bit difficult.

To put an end to this dilemma, Shutterstock is launching a new search tool called Spectrum, which lets users search by both keyword and color using a simple slider.

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Latest on Sex Scandal in Ekiti House of Assembly – Speaker seeks spiritual help

According to Naijahottestgist; With impeachment axe dangling on his head, Speaker of Ekiti State House of Assembly, Dr. Adewale Omirin was at d Celestial Church of Christ (Royal Parish), Ekute, Ado-Ekiti yesterday for spiritual help. He was there alongside, Hon Folorunso Ogundele from Efon-Alaaye, who is a Snr Evangelist in d Church.

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Schools don’t teach life skills warns Prince Charles

Prince Charles has attacked British schools for failing to install ‘character’ in pupils and making them virtually unemployable.
The Prince said the education system is leaving children bereft of vital life skills and unable to develop the  confidence needed to develop into successful adults. While conceding the importance of academic education, Charles stressed pupils need to be taught to cope with the world that awaits them if they were to have a chance of getting a job.

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50 Cent accuses Rick Ross of staging Shooting


William L. Roberts “Rick Ross” was shot at whilst leaving his 37th birthday celebrations early Monday morning in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Police say Ross and his companion, fashion designer Shateria Moragne-el, heard multiple shots fired in their direction around 5 a.m.

According to reports, an unknown car fired multiple shots at Ross’ Rolls Royce and the restaurant he’d been at with friends.

The rapper’s car crashed into a building after the driver tried to dodge the bullets and fortunately there have been no reports of injuries.
Always after a bit of controversy, rival rapper 50 Cent, has insinuated that the shooting was staged.

He posted the photo below with the caption: “Hahaha fat boy hit the building? lol it looks staged to me. No hole’s in da car”


Nigerian Catholic Church ‘Temporarily’ Withdraws Membership Of CAN

The Nigerian Catholic Church says it has ‘temporarily’ withdrawn its membership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in order to promote Christian unity and peaceful coexistence amongst Christians and non-Christians alike.

A spokesperson of the Church, Rev. Fr. Dr.
Cornelius Omonokhua, said the action taken by the Catholic Church will be reviewed after the annual meeting of the Conference of Bishops in February.

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PPPRA Does Not Authenticate Documents Of Fuel Importers Before Processing Their Subsidy Claims, Its Official Tell Lagos Court

PPPRA Executive Secretary Mr. Reginald-Stanley
By Saharareporters, New York

More facts emerged in court today as to howsubsidy fraud suspects succeed in receiving subsidy claims with forged documents, as official witnesses of the Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) told a Lagos High Court that their relationship with oil marketers is based on “trust.”

Victor Zamani and Tope Ogundola of the PPPRA, who testified before Justice Okunnu at the trial of Rowaye Jubril, the Executive Director of Brila Energy Limited at the High Court in Ikeja, disclosed this while explaining the agency’s process of qualifying fuel marketers for claims from the government’s petroleum support fund.

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‘Why didn’t they complain for 30 or 40 years?’ BBC presenter questions unfair’pursuit of celebs after being charged with rape of women and young girls

Stuart Hall has questioned the police ‘pursuit of celebrities’ after being charged with sex offences dating back four decades.
The broadcaster, 83, was accused of raping a young woman and 14 counts of indecent assault on children as young as nine when he attended a police station by appointment on Monday.

He appeared in court earlier this month to face accusations of three other attacks on young girls. But the Radio 5 Live commentator believes the pursuit of celebrities by the police has led to a string of allegations being made against him.

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The shocking moment £170,000-a-week Chelsea star Eden HazardKICKED a ballboy in the ribs

Football hit a new low last night after one of the Premier League’s highest paid players kicked a ballboy. Belgian international Eden Hazard, 22, tried to regain the ball after it went out of play during a game in Swansea.

The ballboy appeared to lie on the
ball, before Hazard stood over him and kicked him in the ribs. The player was immediately sent off and the ballboy was led away for medical attention. The police have said they are investigating the incident.


If you missed it: Excerpts from Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s interview with Christiane Amanpour on CCN


Nigeria battles to stop spread of al Qaeda chaos in Africa

By Samuel Burke, CNN

In her testimony to Congress on Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cited jihadist group Boko Haram as part of the broader Islamic militant threat in Africa.

Clinton said that the West-African group, whose name means “Western education is sinful” is a major threat to Nigeria – Africa’s largest oil exporter.

In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Wednesday, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan agreed that Boko Haram could pose an existential threat to his country.

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