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‘Why didn’t they complain for 30 or 40 years?’ BBC presenter questions unfair’pursuit of celebs after being charged with rape of women and young girls

Stuart Hall has questioned the police ‘pursuit of celebrities’ after being charged with sex offences dating back four decades.
The broadcaster, 83, was accused of raping a young woman and 14 counts of indecent assault on children as young as nine when he attended a police station by appointment on Monday.

He appeared in court earlier this month to face accusations of three other attacks on young girls. But the Radio 5 Live commentator believes the pursuit of celebrities by the police has led to a string of allegations being made against him.

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MEN ONLY…..are you a BOY or MAN

A BOY keeps a password on his cellphone while a MAN is confident enough to say “baby can u answer that for me”!!
A BOY runs the streets & chills with his friends while a MAN is enjoying time with his woman planning ahead for their future!
A BOY complains about spending too much time with his woman, a MAN plans vacations & getaways because he is wise enough to notice tomorrow aren’t promised!

Breaking News!!! Oyo 1st Lady Allegely Arrested in UK with 400,000 pounds 50Million Naira

A while back it was rumoured that Mrs Ajimobi was had been arrested in UK with 400,000 pounds and that her lawyer Wole Olanipekihn SAN was already working  to get her bail..but we chose to keep the news till we heard more.

Latest – After hours of working on our Contacts, This is what we have come up with, Both the Commissioner for information and Special Adviser on Media has refused to pick their calls or reply our Sms,But Private findings indicate that the 1st Lady might not be in town as she is said to have Travel 2days ago,we are sure that the Bbm Bc that has gone Viral would have gotten to the Commissioner or Ssa on Media,All the Good people of Oyo state and the Media will like to know is Where is the 1st Lady?it takes less than half an Hour to issue a statement.. The waiting Game contnues.


Fact book: 10 Reasons Black Guys Prefer White Girls


There are many reasons why black men prefer white girls below

10. White girls can get their hair wet. It’s summer time. Who wants to be at the pool with a girl who’s only concern is not getting her weave wet. White girls just jump in the pool without any care.

09. White girls don’t talk back. Put a little aggression in your voice and she will do whatever you say. Black girls always wanna fight. Always.

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New Page ‘Campus Divas looking For Sex’ on facebook stirs commotion

Divas for rich men has  is said not to be a prostitution page, but a dating page for rich men and campus girls ABOVE 18 !! But a visit to the page clearly states opposite as you’ll see skimpily clad ladies throttling their stuff ass above. The ‘likes’ have been marvelous and the number of people talking about has been tremendous.

For a while now it has benn in operation and raised no dust, but became more of a sensation yesterday, as Kenyan media personalities decided to give their two cents. Read the rest of this entry

Stephanie Henshaw speaks on her failed marriage to Rev. Chris Okotie

Stephanie Henshaw, the wife of Rev. Chris Okotie posted a couple of messages on her Facebook wall about her failed marriage

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[Video] New Hip Enhancement Mechanism (Booty pads) Sweeping The Streets Of Kenyan Women

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