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Nigerian Catholic Church ‘Temporarily’ Withdraws Membership Of CAN

The Nigerian Catholic Church says it has ‘temporarily’ withdrawn its membership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in order to promote Christian unity and peaceful coexistence amongst Christians and non-Christians alike.

A spokesperson of the Church, Rev. Fr. Dr.
Cornelius Omonokhua, said the action taken by the Catholic Church will be reviewed after the annual meeting of the Conference of Bishops in February.

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ADAM & EVE: Apple logo insults Russian Orthodox Christians

Adam Eve Apple logo

A story emerged last week about Russian Orthodox Christians replacing the Apple logo with crosses because they find the half-bitten apple symbol to be anti-Christian, insulting their belief (an apple is often used to represent the fruit that Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge when tempted by the devil).

At the same time, Russia’s parliament is debating new laws on blasphemy and insults targeting religious, spiritual, or national values.Christian Today picked up the story, publishing this on its website: Apple logo may become illegal in Russia, called to be replaced by a cross

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