Protect Ya Neck! 18 Severed Human Heads Discovered In Package At Airport [Viewer Discretion]



18 Human Heads Found At Chicago Airport

Via Fox News and Chicago Sun Times reports:

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed Monday night that it had received 18 human specimens that were found at O’Hare International Airport on Monday.

Sources said the specimens are human heads, still covered in skin and wrapped in plastic.

Sources tell FOX 32 News that they came from Italy, and may have been sent to be used for some kind of scientific research or a medical experiment.

Authorities said no foul play was suspected. U.S. Customs and Border Protection were investigating but declined to comment Monday night.

The 18 human heads that arrived at O’Hare International Airport just before Christmas — and remained there until this week — now appear to be on the last leg of their final journey.


The medical specimens had been in limbo since just before Christmas, when they arrived on a flight from Rome and were held up due to improper paperwork, said Mary Paleologos, a spokeswoman with the Cook County medical examiner’s office, whose office took custody of the heads this week.

“Now the cremation service has showed up with the proper paperwork,” Paleologos said. “The medical examiner’s office will photograph and X-ray each of the heads” before they are released.

The heads were originally shipped from the United States to Rome for medical research, and were then shipped back again to be cremated, Paleologos said. She said she doesn’t know the name of the cremation service or where the heads began their journey in the United States.

There are 18 headless torsos somewhere filing lost luggage complaints…


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