Look but don’t touch! Rare glimpse of the gold hidden deep under the Bank of England that’s worth £197billion

Bullion worth billions: Professor Martyn Poliakoff from the University of Nottingham gives a guided tour of gold bars worth £197 billion in the Bank of England vaults

Worth £197billion pounds, the rows of gold bars, which are kept in a secret location deep beneath the streets of London, are rarely seen by outsiders. But the Bank’s precious metal reserves – each shelf worth £35million each – have been filmed by the University of Nottingham for a new series about elements called The Periodic Table of Videos.

Chemistry Professor Martyn Poliakoff, obtained special permission to visit the high security vault, accompanied by video journalist Brady Haran.

Given coveted access he reveals the incredible sight of row upon row of the gold bars displayed like ‘chocolates in the duty free at the airport’

He says: ‘I’ve never seen so much gold. In fact, I’ve never seen so much of any element.’

The Prof sad he and his film team had to go through a host of security checks to access the vault.

All cash must be left as the door, because no one is allowed to bring money into the vault.

He said: ‘One’s first reaction is that it can’t be real because normally you don’t see such things. It looks like chocolates in the duty free at the airport.

‘But these really are solid gold bars and it is extraordinary. There isn’t any smell because metals don’t smell and it’s very quiet because of the thick walls to keep it secure.

‘It’s been very cold recently and I was ready to be shivering but it’s nice and warm but I suppose gold colour gives you a feeling of warmth so it maybe partly psychological.’

Although Britain owns around 310 tones of gold ‘other organisations’ use the secure vault  to store their bullion.


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