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SAN FRANCISCO, November 27, (THEWILL) – A contractor (name withheld) needed to collect his payment for a contract he
executed for the Lagos State Government. Having met a brick wall everywhere he went in the pursuit of his payment, his boon
came up with a quick-fix. “Let’s go and see the ‘Lion of Bourdillon,’” he suggested to his contractor-friend.
The contractor and his friend eventually managed to arrange a meeting with the ‘Lion’ at his Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi residence in
the wee hours of the day. And as the ‘Lion’ listened to the contractor as he narrated his story, it was apparent that he was
tired as all he could do in response was to yawn as he dragged himself from his chair.
“Lagos is tired,” the ‘Lion’ muttered, walking towards his bedroom, adding, “Eko wants to rest,” without minding his guests.
The bewildered contractor and his friend were confused as to what to do next as the ‘Lion’ banged the door behind them and
went off to sleep. Some aides of the ‘Lion’ however advised the early-morning visitors to come back later that day and preferably at midnight.

When the duo returned at midnight, they had to wait till the wee hours again before being allowed to see the ‘Lion.’ This time,
the ‘Lion’ had their time as he simply dialed a number, using his mobile phone and the contractor’s problem was instantly solved.
Courtesy The will
There is no doubt that Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu has become a personification of Lagos. Just as his word is law, he can do
and undo. What started out like an act of drama at the beginning of the current democratic dispensation in 1999 has left
Nigeria’s premier state, Lagos, as a mere fiefdom of Tinubu who bears the titular toga of the “Lion of Bourdillon.” Though there is nothing democratic about his bearing, he is, in fact, an Emperor.
And there is no escaping the damning reality that Lagos is being plundered by a group of political usurpers who wear the cloak of democratic emancipators in an apparent case of parading immunity as impunity.
It is, indeed, an irony that the people of the South-west , despite their sophistication, have been hoodwinked into the
present pitfall through the doctrines of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, being propagated by some desperate self-
acclaimed messiahs. These masqueraders disguised as democrats on the platform of the National Democratic Coalition
(NADECO), purporting to emancipate the South-west from the injustice of the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential
election won by a Yoruba son, the late Chief MKO Abiola. Sadly, they only ended up foisting a most fraudulent robber-baron on the Yoruba nation.
A man with a questionable past is today addressed as Bola Ahmed Tinubu and he could bear any name from his weird past
such as Yekini Amoda Ogunlere , Hameed Sangodele , Yekini Amoda or even Bobo Chicago. Ever since his inglorious eight years
rule as Governor of Lagos from 1999 to 2007 on the platform of the Alliance for Democracy (AD), to date, he has more or
less served as the chief looter who has unleashed the most egregious corruption and reckless looting on the treasury of Lagos
State. Even as he hides under the guise of championing democratic principles, various frauds including financial crimes have
been linked to him such that he can only be summed up as a perpetrator of diabolical deeds.
Tinubu was formally arraigned before the Code of Conduct tribunal in Abuja to defend himself against allegations that he
operated foreign bank accounts between 1999 and 2007, while in office as governor, thus contravening Section 7 of the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act, Cap 56 LFN, 1990.
The chairman of the tribunal, Justice Danladi Yakubu Umar, indeed had his hands full with the many charges against Tinubu. The
charge sheet signed by the chief prosecutor, Kyari Ahmed, read : “That you Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former governor of Lagos
State, being a public officer, as listed in part II of the fifth schedule to the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of
Nigeria and having subscribed to the Oath of Office as enshrined in the seventh schedule to the 1999 Constitution on
assumption in office, as such engaged yourself in the operation and maintenance of several foreign bank accounts namely:
“Name of Bank – First Heritage Bank, Country Club Hill, Illinois, USA; Account Name, Bola Tinubu, Account Number –
263226700. Name of Bank – Citi Bank NA. New York, USA; Account Name – Bola Tinubu and Compass Finance and
investment Company Limited; Account Nos – 39483134, 39483396, 4650279566, 00400220, 39936383. Name of
Bank. Citi Bank International, New York; Account Name, Bola Tinubu. Name of Bank – HSBC, 177 Great Portland Street London
WIW60J: Account Name Sen Bola Tinubu; Account No. 71253670, Sort code-40-03-15. Name of Bank – HSBC, 177 Great
Portland Street London WIW 60J; Account Name; Sen. Bola Oluremi Tinubu, Account No. 71253670, sort code 40-03-15.
Name of Bank – HSBC, 177 Great Portland street London WIW 60J Account name, Sen. Bola Tinubu – money market, Account
No.04320002DN. Name of Bank – HSBC, 177 Great Portland Street, London WIW 60J; Account name: Tinubu Zainab Abisola
(Miss); Account No. 172447101. Name of Bank – HSBC, 177 Great Portland Street, London WIW 60J; Account Name, Tinubu Oluremi Shade, Account No. 41421522.”
The Society for Rule of Law in Nigeria (SRLN), has since hailed the Code of Conduct Tribunal over the criminal trial of Tinubu.
The group described the trial as a welcome development, adding that “Nigerians, irrespective of their political affiliations, must
begin to speak with one voice against corruption, because it (corruption) has no political party.”
In a statement issued by its Coordinator, Comrade Chima Ubeku, the SRLN said inter alia: “This is a kind of news that gladdens
our hearts and we hope that the Code of Conduct Tribunal will pursue the case to a logical conclusion. He lied on oath by
refusing to declare the operation of many foreign bank accounts in the assets declaration form CCB-1 he submitted to the
Code of Conduct Bureau on 6th January, 2004. We are also waiting to hear from those bread and butter groups to make the
kind of noise that they used to make whenever a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) member is on trial for alleged corruption….”
However, in what many have come to accept as a political deal for delivering the South-west to the ruling PDP, the Federal
Government let Tinubu off the hook and the matter was thrown out of the Tribunal on technical grounds.
Tinubu’s dubious activities came to the fore quite early during his tenure as Lagos Governor. After just being sworn-in in 1999,
the late legal luminary and human rights lawyer, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, instituted legal actions challenging Tinubu’s academic
qualifications, which were discovered to be forged. The case of perjury, which has been hanging on his neck ever since then is
yet to be dispensed with, even as he can no longer hide under immunity clause as a Governor. Being the questionable character
he is said to be, the only response Tinubu could give to the premeditated Lagos House Assembly Ad-hoc Committee set up to
clear him of the perjury charge raised against him by Chief Fawehinmi in 1999 was to admit full responsibility for some of the “needless errors,” whatever that means.
He told the convoluted story to the Kangaroo committee that as a result of the acrimonious primaries of the Alliance for
Democracy in the run-up to the elections, that the information contained in both the Independent National Electoral
Commission (INEC) form and the affidavit of loss of certificates were supplied by one of his political aides, Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi.
While the fraud spotted in the INEC Form CFO1 had exposed Tinubu as claiming that he attended St. Paul’s Primary School,
Aroloya, Lagos for his primary school education, the Ad-hoc Committee helped him adjust it to the claim that he attended St.
John’s Primary School, Aroloya, Lagos. It was clearly a case of a grand fraud applied to cover an initial fraud because all
through the findings of the kangaroo committee, no mention was made of any testimony from any of Tinubu’s classmates in
the primary or secondary schools supporting his claims. It is as though Tinubu attended the school alone! The case has
however refused to die as questions are frequently being asked on what has happened to the case.
The irrepressible Senator Ogunlewe had asked then: “Did Tinubu lie under oath that he attended St. Paul’s Primary School,
Aroloya, Lagos, which was not and is not in existence; Government College, Ibadan and the University of Chicago?”
Some political pundits opine that the case is still being covered because Tinubu still goes ahead to bribe those who could bring
him to justice on the issue, including security agencies. He keeps boasting that he will always get off the hook because all officials within the Nigerian system have their price tags.
It needs to be recalled that in 2007, a group called the Lagos Progressive Movement fingered Tinubu and his political godson,
Babatunde Raji Fashola, in a huge land scam running into several billions of naira in Lagos State. In a public statement issued on
the matter, the group had noted: “We, the Lagos Progressives Movement once again wish to update fellow Nigerians on the
various land scams perpetuated by former Governor Bola Tinubu and being covered up by Governor Babatunde Fashola. The
facts are true and verifiable. We have gone further to quote real names of collaborators and addresses of properties for
readers to verify themselves. Tinubu is the number one landlord in Lagos and has turned Lagos land worth trillions of Naira into
his personal possession to be used freely or given away unaccounted for. Even after he left office, Tinubu continues to steal
Lagos land under the watch of Fashola. He gives out Lagos land to curry political favours and still occasionally signs
certificates of occupancy even as ex-governor and backdating them to the period he was in office. These brazen acts of
corruption are being perpetrated with the active collaboration of select few public officers who are obscenely wealthy at
the expense of Lagos tax payers. His accomplices in the frauds are Gbenga Ashafa – former Permanent Secretary, Land’s
Bureau, since 2001; Mrs. Awofisayo – former Permanent Secretary and a relation of Bola Tinubu from Iragbiji, Osun State;
Hakeem Muri-Okunola – former Personal Assistant (PA) to Tinubu and now Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Lands; Mrs Nike
Animashaun and Tunji Olowolafe, who was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
(EFCC) and detained for three days and later released, following the allegations of financial impropriety leveled against Governor Babatunde Fashola.
These people are arguably the wealthiest unelected public servants ever in the history of Lagos State. They are major
wheelers and dealers of prime land. We mentioned in our earlier publication that the Land’s Bureau at Alausa stinks of
corruption. We catalogue below a few brazen acts of stealing and corruption committed by Tinubu and aided by Fashola on the
good tax payers of Lagos. Tinubu’s greed and primitive acquisition tendency knows no bound. In fact, it is believed that Lagos
land personally appropriated by him is worth over N500 billion and this is growing because he hasn’t stopped. Some of the
properties outside the hands of the single largest landlord and which investigations have revealed are as follows:
1. 4, Oyinkan Abayomi (formerly Queens) Drive, Ikoyi: A 5-bedroom detached house on one acre of land which was originally
the Lagos State Governor’s guest house since 1979, but which now belongs to Tinubu. The certificate of occupancy of the
property valued at N450 million was signed and released to him by Fashola in 2007 shortly after he assumed office.
2. Tinubu’s residence at 26 Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi was initially falsely presented as Oando Plc Guest House. Later, he
purportedly bought it from Oando, and used public funds to rebuild and renovate it. The Lagos State Government bought the
property and paid an undisclosed sum to him and thereafter gave the property back to him under the bogus Pension Bill he
signed to law shortly before he left office in 2007. The property is worth over N600 million.
3. The annex of the Lagos State Guest House in Asokoro, Abuja was bought by the State Government in 2006 for N450
million, purportedly to protect the main house from security breach. Shortly after Tinubu left office, the property was
transferred to him under the pension plan he signed into law before leaving office.
4. The 250-hectare land valued at about N35billion and strategically located at the Ajah junction on Lekki Road was initially
meant for a General Hospital for the people of Eti-Osa Local Government but was stolen by Tinubu and handed over to
Trojan Estate Ltd – a company owned by Deji and Wale Tinubu – to develop as Royal Garden Housing Estate at the expense of the taxpayers of Lagos.
5. The 1,000 hectares of land valued at about N75billion located at Lakowe near Abijo at Ibeju-Lekki Local Government and
given to Lekki Concession Company (LCC) which is partly- owned by Tinubu and Fashola and being developed as golf course and housing estate by Assets and Resource Management Ltd (ARM) as ADIVA project.
6. The prime land of 157 hectares with 2.5km of Atlantic beachfront valued at about N10billion and stolen by Tinubu from the
communities of Siriwon, Igbekodo, Apakin, etc in Ibeju-Lekki Local Government and given to Ibukun Fakeye – his crony to build a
golf course and luxury villa with little or no compensation to the villagers. In addition, Tinubu paid $20million (N3billion) out of
public treasury to Ibukun Fakeye to commence the project in late 2006. Fashola has since released additional funding for this project, which is not owned by the state government.
7. The 14-hectare Parkview Ikoyi Estate foreshore land reclaimed by Lagos State Government is now owned by Bola Tinubu.
8. While in office, he allocated to himself the former Strabag yard beside the Lagos State Secretariat at Alausa, Ikeja. The
property is now being developed into a shopping mall as big as the Palms in Lekki. This is public property brazenly stolen and now owned by Tinubu, aided by Fashola.
9. The choice property at Lekki-Epe road on which he built and owns the multi-billion naira Oriental Hotel and the extension of
multi-storey car park beside it. Also, the multi-level recreation centre by Mobil in Oniru Estate on Lekki-Epe road jointly owned
with ARM and Tunji Olowolafe. All these assets valued at over N25billion were obtained without paying a kobo to the Lagos State Government.
10. Tinubu and Fashola sold the following prime Lagos properties to their personal friend and front – Prince Dipo Eludoyin at very ridiculous prices:
• The 3.8-hectare of land of Lagos State Fisheries office in VI (beside the Institute of Oceanography) valued at N3billion.
• The fishery landing jetty at Badore (where the Ilubirin fishermen were to be relocated) valued at N500million
• The entire Ogudu foreshore scheme initially earmarked for a low-cost housing scheme valued at N5billion
• The Ilubinrin housing estate (which used to house Lagos state civil servants and judges up till 2007) valued at N2.5billion. • The former Julius Berger yard at Oko Orisan, Epe valued at N450million.
11. Tinubu raised a loan of N4.7billion on Eko Akete project for which nothing was achieved before he turned around to sell the
property to his Chagouri friends of Chagouri & Chagouri and Hitech Construction Ltd at a ridiculously low price at the expense of the taxpayers of Lagos.
12. Tinubu applied to personally purchase the Federal Secretariat building while in office. When he couldn’t get to buy it, he
directed Fashola to stop the eventual owner of the complex to develop it. The complex is presently wasting away courtesy of the Lagos State Government.
13. It took several months of horse trading and underhand payments before Fashola could allow the new owners of 1004 flats to redevelop the complex.

(Contd in next Post)

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