There will be a LOT of SEX in HEAVEN – THERRON ESENG

Found this article somewhere online and i thought i should share..

THERRON ESENG: Let me quote the verse in the book of Matthew 22:30: “For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the sons of God.”

It is a factual statement to say that the Bible is very complicated and open to discussion and debate, with regards to interpretation. On the other religious hand it is true that in this world we have people who are called Gnostics (those who claim to know God) and Agnostics (those who claim ignorance about deity and do not dispute its existence since they can’t prove neither claim).

In the verse Jesus Christ, the speaker there, never mentioned that there would be no sex for resurrected saints, but he only stated that there’d be no marriage, and by this I do not mean there will be promiscuity in heaven.Would it really be hard for God to help us achieve an orgasm in a sexual way? I mean according to Jesus Christ there will be food and wine in heaven, although I’m quite sure we won’t have to say any prayer to bless the food. We will be living in the mezzanine of blessings themselves. Rationally, there will be no need to invoke blessings as in traditional matrimonial ceremonies before a couple can have sex. If God created sex according to the Holy Book, why would sex suddenly become vexatious in the place from which God created it? This is senseless.

Another point is the line found in the entrails of the Lord’s Prayer: “Let thine will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Now comparing the facts, the will is done on earth only as it is in heaven. It shows that earth, on its holy turf, is a reflection of heavenly affairs.Moreover, Jesus says, in the verse preceding the no-marriage at resurrection, “ye err for ye know not the scriptures.”

There clearly is nothing unbiblical about what I’m saying, and this brings me to my simple conclusion: there will be a whole lot of sex in heaven.The only time that I am at peace and not thinking of my earthly problems is when I’m having sex, and we all know there will be no crying in heaven, unless of course those are tears of joy.To make this article end amicably, I will quote a sex pastor “one of the enriching experiences in life is to get people who are bold enough to ask questions that are meant to test the contours of orthodoxy to its very limits.

“Intellectual sparring with someone can be both challenging and horizon-widening. Without it people will not be able to come up with fresh and creative ideas.”


by THERRON ESENG of the City Press

Source Kenyan Daily

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