Is milking the most pointless internet craze yet? Students filmed pouring four-pint cartons over their heads

Milking Newcastle video

The group of Newcastle University students have filmed the bizarre video which sees them pour pints of milk over their heads in public places around Newcastle. The video became an instant hit after it was uploaded on Monday night and has amassed nearly 30,000 views. It has received mixed reviews, including a local councillor accusing it of giving students a bad reputation.

People around the world would die for some milk and are dying. And these mugs just waste it like that, I find it absolutely disgusting. Not, even funny… Idiots. Donate The Money Which Your Wasting! Students: Mummy – I have spent all my allowance again…….Bunch of bloody prats. Adults and children dying, staring death in the face, and all you want to do is waste and let’s call it the latest Internet craze. This planking business is ‘pathetic’ grow-up! And STOP! >>>>>>>>>>>>>


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I am a Graphic artist and lover of computer generated images. Business minded, and also love to have fun. I love the media. MablizzyOfficial is staying updated with info and keeping others updated as well..

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