You may not care about Gaza now but pretty soon you’ll be forced to!

A Palestinian youth throws a rock at Israeli soldiers

Conflict … Palestinian youth throws a rock at Israeli soldiers
IT wouldn’t be the end of the world if two men were given the right to marry in church.

It wouldn’t be the end of the world if our favourite football team went out of business or the wrong nobody won The X Factor.

But if nothing is done to stop the pointless, pitiless carnage raining down on Gaza…

Well, does it really need to be spelled out?

Sadly, it seems it does. So, with a heavy heart, here goes.

Today, it’s just another chapter in the bitter territorial war between the Jews and the Arabs, something horrible that’s happening to someone else, somewhere else.

One day, though, unless we all do something about it, the ripples from the blast zone will spread outwards and ever further outwards until we all feel the shock and awe.

The other week, this column told of Israel’s exercise in which they staged a fake attack on Iran in the wake of the US presidential elections to decide whether or not it would be worth the grief.

Surprise, surprise, they decided it was — but at least that was only make-believe.

These last seven days, they’ve battered the Palestinians for real, the latest in a string of campaigns they claim are to deter their neighbours from attacking THEM, but which are in reality the equivalent of cutting someone’s head off for standing on your toes.

Yes, rockets regularly plop over the border from Gaza into Israel. The damage and the casualties, however, are rendered negligible thanks to a multi-billion-dollar defence system that blows anything incoming — from missiles to aircraft — to smithereens.

It’s known as Iron Dome. A nickname presumably inspired by the leaders over there who simply refuse to let millions of ordinary people live in peace. And who for this alone are absolute rock heads. In the last 48 hours alone, the death toll has included a family of ten whose house was destroyed by a rocket, three members of another family travelling in a car that took a direct hit, two women and a child walking in a quiet neighbourhood and three farmers toiling in their fields.

What did any of them have to do with some age-old religious squabble? What did they do to deserve being blasted to kingdom come?

They did nothing. And it’s to the shame of the rest of the world that we also do nothing to stop more innocents like them being slaughtered.

Downing Street and the White House take sides in the conflict, rather than smashing heads together to make them see sense.

Sure, they SAY they want a settlement, but what they mean is one that suits their political ends. If only they had the brains between them to realise that, in the long run, there can be no winners between these two tribes as long as the best they can muster is an uneasy truce.

Until the Yanks in particular make a serious effort to establish two separate nations where families can live normal lives without fear of extermination, this situation will only keep on festering and its poison keep on oozing.

As for the rest of us? If we put a tenth of the effort into encouraging peace that we do into saving football clubs or tweeting about telly talent shows or persecuting homosexuals, the world might be a happier place.

Take the whole gay marriage thing. You’ll know my feelings on it by now — if two men, two women or a donkey and a leopard want to commit for life in the sight of whatever God they believe in, good on them. Love is love and no one should be arrogant enough to make it legal for themselves but not for the next bloke.

Yet the sheer passion of the lobby against changing the law to make church weddings all-inclusive is staggering. It’s like if Jim and Fred got to say their vows at an altar, Planet Earth really WOULD stop turning.

Trust me, though, it won’t. Don’t get me wrong, the minute the gays nuke up and start threatening the straights with obliteration, I’ll be on their case. But until then, let’s get a little perspective.

Our existence IS at risk unless we wise up to the self-serving, stubborn, vicious hatred rearing its head for the umpteenth time just a few short hours away from our doorsteps.

By all means, dismiss this as nonsense. Shrug and say you don’t care what foreigners do to each other. Just don’t act all taken aback when one day you’re FORCED to care.

Oh, and while we’re on military madness, check this.

Our own Ministry of Defence is training battlefield surgeons by handing them the bleeding bodies of pigs gunned down at close range.

I’ll repeat that last sentence, as it’s just too magnificent to only write once.

Our own Ministry of Defence is training battlefield surgeons by handing them the bleeding bodies of pigs shot at close range.

Mind-bending doesn’t even come close. It’s emerged that our army bods go to Denmark twice a year, round up some porkers, sedate them, then shoot them just hard enough that they don’t die, but suffer terrible organ damage that docs then try and repair as best they can.

Defence chiefs say the pigs are later killed humanely.

Which plainly makes all the difference.

And you know the great irony of this odd little story?

That the Israelis would be horrified at this barbaric disregard for the welfare of little piggies.

Go figure.

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