Five Of Some Of The Biggest Sex Myths Exposed

When it comes to sex, the less you know, the more
you’re at risk. Get the facts on 5 of some of the
biggest sex myths out there.
Myth #1: You can’t get pregnant if you do it
standing up.
Fact: Sperm are Olympic-class swimmers with a
single-purpose mentality – find the egg and fertilize it.
The myth’s underlying assumption – that it’s harder for
sperm to swim against gravity, making it more difficult
for you to get pregnant – is wrong, says Aletha Akers,
M.D., MPH, assistant professor of gynecology at the
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
“Sperm can swim in any direction, and they swim
pretty darn fast.”

Myth #2: You can’t get pregnant if he pulls
Fact: You’d think that if a guy doesn’t ejaculate inside
you, there would be no sperm to hook up with the egg.
Men produce a tiny bit of liquid called “pre-ejaculate”
that’s teeming with sperm.
They can release it any time during sex without even
realizing it.
Even if your partner pulls out right before ejaculation,
he’s probably already deposited sperm, Akers warns.
Myth #3: Douching is the best way to keep
clean down there.
Fact: About 20%-40% of women douche – and half
do so weekly.
But the best way to keep your down region clean is to
leave it alone, gynecologists say.
“People think it’s like cleaning any other part of your
body, but your vagina has its own self-cleaning
mechanism,” Akers explains. “It produces its own fluids
that help to wash things out while also keeping the
right bacteria around in the right proportions.”
Homemade or store-bought douches (usually solutions
of water, vinegar, baking soda or iodine) upset the
vagina’s natural bacteria balance and increase the risk
for yeast and other vaginal infections.
Because douching can push bacteria from the vagina
higher into the reproductive organs, it may also
contribute to pelvic inflammatory disease, a major
cause of infertility.
Myth #4: Bigger is better.
Fact: Some women have definite size preferences,
says Carol Queen, Ph.D., staff sexologist at the online
sex toy boutique Good Vibration.
But a huge package doesn’t automatically translate into
mind-boggling sex. In fact, women complain more often
that their partner is too big, not too small, sexperts
“There’s more to erotic pleasure than size,” Queen
says. “It’s about how a guy uses his hands or mouth or
how sexy a woman feels before she gets to the
If you want something bigger, your partner can wear
rings or sleeves that add length and girth.
And do Kegel exercises as well. They’ll tighten your
pelvic floor muscles and let you “adapt to whatever
size partner you have.”
Myth #5: All women can experience orgasm
just through vaginal penetration.
Fact: Only about 20%-30% of women experience
orgasm through intercourse alone, so don’t be shy about
reaching down and giving yourself a hand or a buzz.
“Putting your hand on your clitoris during sex really ups
the chances that you’ll have an orgasm,” Queen says.
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