ADULTS ONLY ….. Uncensored guide to how Nigerian Men Dump NIGERIAN LADIES.

Ending relationships is a normal part of life. The first time is usually the hardest but as you get older and wiser it becomes a necessity. Whether in friendships, business or just a love, ending relationships are just a normal part of life.
These are the steps that most regular guys (by regular I mean someone who has been in the dating game). So, how does the male dumping process begin?
1. You start tolerating her bullshit. There are those small actions that your girl does that push your buttons. Your girl knows you well and pushes these buttons to keep you on check. Whether it’s making you jealous, ignoring you or not cooking chapati for a month, your girl has figured out your weakness. When you finally get tired of her these things stop bothering you. E.g

Her: I wanna go hang out with my guy friends.
You: Okay, have fun. Say hi.
Normally in this situation you would say stuff like ‘where, what time? You can’t go alone!’ E.t.c
2. Your communication patterns start changing. Let’s assume that while you dated, you used to call her at least 3 times every day. But now since you are thinking about getting rid of her things change. You start calling her once a day or once every 2 days. When she confronts you, you say stuff like “work has become so busy” which makes her to think that you are cheating. Silence kills girls deep inside… Trust me on this
3. You decide that you want to change aspects of your life and you don’t communicate it to her. Okay, maybe when you started dating her you were an immature dumb bastard that was not ready for a relationship. You have realised this fact and you intend to change. You don’t tell her because you are still thinking about it and are not yet sure about your decision. You keep distance but your weak side tries to string her around because you fear hurting both yourself and her.
4. You openly criticise her or talk about other girls hoping that she will read the signs and dump your ass. Fact is, most of us guys are weak and do not know how to handle situations of emotional intensity especially in relation to women. So you resort to a reverse strategy.
5. You start openly communicating with the other girls who you had crushes on. You realize that you may be bored with your girlfriend and decide to flirt with the other options. Guys love the excitement that comes with any ‘Honeymoon’ phase.
6. Your communication or contact with her starts becoming based on when you feel lonely or horny. Your other crushes have probably not responded to your requests so you decide to opt for the last resort.. Which is her unfortunately? Selfishness. Is a bitch.
7. You stop farting when around her. According to independent research(yes I did it) farting in the presence of your partner is the ultimate symbol of trust. Don’t argue, that’s just the way it is. Instead of the loud ‘sub-woofer’ farts, you now resort to ‘Sniper’ silent farts. Lol
8. You suddenly start loving stuff that she hates. You are still not man enough to call of the relationship, so you try this timeless strategy.

But guys, don’t waste that girls time with mind games. It’s actually much easier to admit your incapability to love her and move on immediately.

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