If USA was Nigeria, today’s headlines will read:

•Don’t celebrate yet, Romney tells Obama (TELL magazine)3-|

•Concede defeat, Obama urges Romney (Punch newspaper):D

• 20 opposition cadres riot (The Sun newspaper)>=)

• Romney Demands Vote Recount (Vanguard newspaper)>:O

• Elections rigged (Guardian newspaper):O

• No evidence of manipulation (NTA news)=))

• The Church declares elections free and fair (News Line)O:)

• There will be violence if we lose; Romney declares (LTV 8 news)>:O>:O

• Election results for Arizona awaited (Channels news)(=|

• Trucks with suspected ballot papers crosses into USA from Mexico (Tribune newspaper):'(

• Romney is an opportunist – Go back to your farm (AIT news)3-|

• I will not accept results, Romney tells Obama (STV news):|

• McCain heads to Election Petition Tribunal (MITV)/:)

• White Majority rejects results (PM News):]Y

• EXPOSED: How Romney Lost US Election Due To Alleged Sex Scandal With Mistress

• Kenyan Big Boy Senator Obama Throws Lavish Party to celebrate Election Victory (City People)\=D/<=-P

• Free for all fight at Obama rally in Grant Park (Channels TV)>:O

• Northern elders, Arewa and Sultan rejects results (ThisDay)>:/

• Republicans and Democrats supporters clash in Ketu and Ajangbadi, 14 dead, Romney threatens more heads will roll. (Sahara Reports)=D

• The people behind Obama’s victory: True story uncovered (Newswatch):O

• Girl goes nak£d for Barak Obama to celebrate  victory over Romney
(Talk of Naija)

• Ope baje fun Romney, ijoba te siwaju lowo arakunrin dudu Obama, gidi gidi ba oyinbo….(Alaroye Newspaper) X_X

Funny. But Let’s Be Objective This Would Have Been The Report If USA Was Nigeria.

Food For Thought.
Learn And Change

About Aim_LEGEND

I am a Graphic artist and lover of computer generated images. Business minded, and also love to have fun. I love the media. MablizzyOfficial is staying updated with info and keeping others updated as well..

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