50 Cent Forced To PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE To Floyd Mayweather


Well the beef between 50 Cent and Floyd “Money” Mayweather is officially over . . . and Money May have WON BY KO. And no . . . he didn’t win by CLOWNING 50, he won it by threatening 50’s CAREER as a boxing promoter.
You see yesterday, 50 f*cked with the wrong people, namely Floyd and his business adviser Al Hayman. Al is one of the BIGGEST BEHIND THE SCENES PLAYERS in boxing, he advises MOST of the top stars. And Well THE STREETS are saying that Al got one of 50’s fighters KICKED OFF a TV fight Now 50’s clowning all about the incident like waaattt…..
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I am a Graphic artist and lover of computer generated images. Business minded, and also love to have fun. I love the media. MablizzyOfficial is staying updated with info and keeping others updated as well..

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