The Honda car just for women, complete with windscreen that helps prevent wrinkles

The Honda Fit She’s comes in colours inspired by popular eyeshadow shades (yes, that includes pink), and has a windscreen that ‘helps prevent wrinkles’.

The $17,500 vehicle also has an air-conditioning system that apparently improves the driver’s skin quality.

Honda Fit She's


Thinking pink: The new Honda Fit She’s, designed just for women, comes in colours inspired by popular eyeshadow shades and has a windscreen that ‘helps prevent wrinkles’

The design, which features pink bezels on the dashboard and hot pink stitching on the steering wheel and seats, has been called ‘adult cute’ by the manufacturer.

Already the description has been the subject of hilarious ridicule on news sites and blogs. 

A commenter on the article wrote: ‘Am I a woman? Oh, yes, because I have a big pink car that reminds me that I am!’

Another wrote: ‘I’m assuming it only comes with an automatic transmission, lipstick instead of a cigarette lighter, an illuminated vanity mirror in each visor… and the two remaining pedals (accelerator and brake) have been replaced with a tub to soak their feet.’

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