Arsenal the MOST EXPENSIVE CLUB to visit while Man Utd have the MOST EXPENSIVE TEA

Thursday, October 18, 2012– According to the latest BBC Sport Price of Football, Arsenal have the most expensive adult match day ticket at £126 (Sh 17,140).

The survey looked at 166 clubs in 10 divisions across British football, including the Conference Premier and Women’s Super League.
“We have recorded the most expensive, and cheapest, season tickets and adult match day tickets as well as the cost of a cup of tea, a pie and a programme, to calculate the cheapest day out at a football match.” A panel member said.
The Gunners also have the most expensive season ticket at £1,955 (Sh265,880). 
The most expensive tea in British football can be found in Manchester, where both City and United charge £2.50(Sh 340).
Malcolm Clarke, the chairman of Football Supporters Federation decried the rising ticket prices.
“Despite the difficult economic times we live in, prices at some clubs and at some levels of the game are still exceedingly high.
“It is quite shocking that at Arsenal, for example, the cheapest season ticket is only £15 short of £1,000.
However, Ivan Gazidis the Arsenal CEO has defended their ticket prices insisting that they are doing their best to offer value to fans with the club’s cheapest league ticket at £26 (Sh 3,540) among the most affordable in the division.
“We’ve seen ticket prices rise across the game,” Gazidis said. “This isn’t just a football issue.
“If you look at the prices of entertainment across the board they have gone up significantly in recent years and clearly we now have an environment where people are economically challenged.
“Most of the causes of the increases are driven by the salaries paid to players. He added.

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