Must Read!!! Five Things I Learnt From The Aluu Debacle – The Purist


I still feel very angry, depressed and largely pessimistic about this country when I think about how those 4 boys were ruthlessly murdered. I have been hoping for justice for past 6 days, but knowing how my country operates, that’s the best I can probably do – Hope. Nonetheless, I learnt a few things from the whole debacle.

(1) As obvious as it sounds, the Aluu incidence only confirmed that it is very difficult for most people to think clearly when emotions are running high. The Aluu savages were guilty of this, and sadly, many not-so-different supposedly educated and enlightened Nairalanders are equally guilty of this.

(2) Most Nigerians are wild animals in human skin. As someone on another thread aptly captured it, “Aluu is just a random location and Boko Haram + Almajiri killings are just opportunistic events, most Nigerians are capable of these vices.” This statement was made very evident here on Nairaland by people who strongly expressed their belief that jungle justice for jungle justice is the most appropriate method to level things out. They saw absolutely no problems with cursing and destroying an entire community for the sins of a few.

(3) Most people here that screamed the most are not concerned about the Aluu 4 per se. Do not be swayed by the cries and shouts of “Burn the village! Wipe them off the earth!”, etc. All those clamouring for a reprisal attack only seek to satisfy their own blood lust and nothing else. Outside Nairaland, none of these people actually give a f#ck!

(4) Critical thinking is apparently not our forte in this country. It bewilders me that only a very few people on all the numerous threads about this incidence could put forth decent arguments and look beyond sentiments. It was quite amusing to see that the majority of Nigerians failed woefully to realise the irony of their clamour for the Aluu community to be razed down. Advocating the same thing you condemn in the same breath is the definition of Duplicity. Just like the man who sets a bomb to prove how peaceful he is.

(5) Nigerians are largely hypocrites who practise their religions very selectively. I am fairly certain that the vast majority of those who supported these reprisal attacks all identify strongly with one religion or the other. In fact, I dare say that most of them belong to the supposedly mild Christian faith. However, it was quite interesting to observe how virtually all of them completely disregarded religious injunctions in favour of their own abhorrent desires. Some even desperately attempted to use their religious texts to justify their opinions, despite the very clear positions of these mainstream religions on killing and revenge. In essence, I particularly learnt in this case that when the push comes to the shove, most Nigerians – deep deep deep down inside of them – don’t really give a f#ck about the God they all claim to believe in.

In a nut shell, crass animalism, gross stupidity and sheer hypocrisy runs rife in my country. These, gentlemen and ladies, are what I learnt.

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