Boss gave me overtime and I worked on his wife

Deidre Daily Drama

Boss gave me overtime and I worked on his wife

I’VE had passionate sex with the boss’s wife. We both want more but I fear for my career if we carry on.

I am 28, his wife is in her forties and really beautiful, though I never looked at her in a sexual way until last month.
The boss got her in to help with stock-taking as his assistant is on maternity leave. He asked if I would do overtime to help oversee the stock-take. I could see the pounds in the bank and agreed. 
As I got to know her better I could feel us growing closer. We flirted and joked together. It was pretty obvious she felt just as attracted to me.
Her husband went off to a local businessman’s meeting one night and instead of taking stock, we let our passion rip. We made love for hours and it was the best sex I have ever had in my life.
Afterwards we both felt guilty but she’s texted me several times since saying she wants us to meet out of the factory. I dare not reply and so far I’ve just avoided her. When I see her car pull into the car-park I make myself scarce.
Trouble is I can’t stop thinking about her and I think I am falling in love. Do I put my love for her or my career first?

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