And The ALUU Fire Rages On NDI IGBO: Hear what people are saying

For many days now, Nigeria in West Africa has been burning in itself after it made news that some students said to be from the University of Port Harcourt in River State Nigeria were lynched and burnt to death (Jungle Justice) , by the indigenes of Aluu community in Port Harcourt over accusations of robbery and cultism….

The tragedy went viral, CNN and other major news houses ran it. Everybody who heard also ran their lips. Since then thus; the Tomis, Dikes and Wales have been airing their opinion. All denizens in parenthesis. Many condemn the act, many say they deserve it, others are indifferent…Yet the fire rages on… Many cry for justice #JusticforAluu4 (Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka) – The deceased persons…

Over 3hours ago, a popular forum on Facebook known as NDI IGBO aired their own opinion on the matter and have since been raking in a lot of condemnation from people who feel their view was not it.. READ THEIR VIEW and the many angry comments after the cut..

Ndi igbo forum wrote; ” Gbajie Nnamdi Peter: Lessons to be learnt from the Uniport Barbaric killings. I believe everything happens for a reason n also to teach people important lessons. As far as i’m concerned, I condemn the Aluu barbaric murder but i still believe that there re few lessons to be learnt from the ugly incidence.
Firstly, its only in Nigerian institutions that we still hear serious cases of student cult activities n their operation. Go to our various institutions particularly in the east(based on the fact this is an igbo page), our children, brothers n future leaders of tomorrow have been turned to beasts in the name of cultism. They “obtain”, kill, steal, rob, rape, harass male n female students alike n in some cases, lecturers. Most of these students are more armed than police, army or any other security outfit u can think of. And the question now is, are our children in the universities to learn how to restore our once mighty country to its earlier glory or preparing for Jihad?
I graduated from Abia state university Uturu n i studied there from 2004-2008 but every single day of the 4 yrs i spent there was full of fear. The rate of cultism in that University as at that time was nothing to write home about. There was no night that wud pass without series of armed robbery attacks in different locations on students n by students. I saw different types of inhuman acts dished out on students by these cultists n the question is,- why? n where re we heading to? Students were robbed of their school fees, up-keep money, phones, laptops, all sorts of electronic gadget n if u are unlucky to identify any of those robbers, thats ur death on the spot.
Trying to link this story to our present Aluu incident, there re many questions left unasked.
(a)- What will a serious student be doing in a bush as early as 4am?
(b)- Why will a student whose parents cater for choose to join a cult group? Or better still, why must a student join a secret cult?
As we all rise in condemnation of the devilish act of the Aluu community, lets also try to search our souls as students n try to advise our selves. Cultism doesn’t pay, let all Nigerian students shun cultism n face their studies. By that way, we will be better equipped to make this our once great country GREAT AGAIN!!!!

The comments:

All this and many more.. if you check Ndi.Igbo on facebook . But tell me, what do you think??



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