Man found with 58 married WOMEN’S Panties

A Zaka man has been found with 58 panties belonging to married women in Chidzamura Village in Zaka.

Acting Chief Ndanga Reuben Chimedza said the suspect, Aaron Mubvumo-Musuka, fled last week on Wednesday after he was summoned to appear before his court. A police report has also been made. Panties belonging to headman Joseph Chidzamura’s wife were also found among the 58.

“That is the headman’s wife’s pant over there, that big one belongs to Mai Anna, that is my daughter-in-law’s and the other one here is mine,” said Jestina Magadzire, pointing to the assortment of panties in the presence of the chief and local villagers.

Villagers were seething with anger as they believe Musuka was using mubobo to sexually violate married women. Some young men in the village were vying for Musuka’s blood after their wives and mothers identified their panties among the 58 undergarments.

Police at Ndanga said they had launched a manhunt for Musuka.

One woman said: “I saw my pant among those at the cave. Mamwe mazuva waimuka wakaneta musana uchipisa woshaiwa kuti chii, izvi ndiye zvake. (Sometimes you would wake up feeling exhausted and wonder what’s wrong with you, and yet it’s him).”

The village, which is about 80km from Masvingo, has been gobsmacked by the scandal which came to light after Musuka’s 15-year-old son was caught near a cave in the Ndaumbwe Mountains wiping his private parts with the panties one after the other.

After he was confronted, the teenager said he had been instructed by his dad to wipe his genitals with the panties.

A large group of women took journalists to the cave.

Musuka, who is said to be a prophet with the Zion Christian Church (ZCC), vanished together with his son and four head of cattle after he was summoned to appear before the chief’s court.

Villagers said they were flabbergasted with the revelations since Musuka was a well-respected prophet in the area.

One woman said: “Handina kutaura kuti handisi kuona bhurugwa rangu nekuti ndaitya kuzobvunzwa nemurume. (I had kept quiet about my missing pant because I was afraid my husband would confront me.) We want action to be taken and justice delivered.”

Acting Chief Ndanga said Musuka would not continue to stay in the area even if he pleads guilty and pays damages to the affected men.

He said husbands of the affected women were so angry with him that they wanted to kill him.

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