I cheated on my hubby with lay preacher

Fling ... I had affair with lay preacher

Fling … I had affair with lay preacher
I’VE been having sex with a lay preacher at my local church. Now my husband won’t believe I can stay faithful.

I’m 33 and my family has always attended our local evangelical church. I was raised here but my parents came from Nigeria, and I met my husband visiting family over there. It took months to get him a visa to come to live with me in the UK.

Just I was trying to sort that out I was made redundant. I was worried what we were going to live on and whether the visa would be blocked.

This preacher at the church asked me what was wrong so I confided in him. He offered me a job in his company, doing things like the filing. I was so grateful but he started finding excuses to get me to stay late. Then one evening when there was nobody around he took me through to his private loo and made a pass at me.

As things got more passionate he lifted up my skirt and we had sex. It was frantic but it felt amazing. I hadn’t seen my husband for six months by then and had missed being held and wanted.

He then started calling round for sex at my flat – in secret because he’s well known in the community

My husband, who is 45, has joined me now but he found out about my affair through looking through my phone. I’ve ended things with my boss but I can’t pack my job in as we need the money.

My husband is convinced I’m still involved with my boss but he’s backed right off now my husband is here. How can I convince my husband that I’ll commit to him from now on?


Tell him you were missing him and were weak, but that your boss was no substitute. Don’t make it sound as though all that is keeping you faithful is that your boss isn’t interested any more. Spell out that your husband is the only man for you and show him how much you care.

You’re right that jobs aren’t that easy to come by but do make sure your husband can see you’re making every effort to find a new one. I’d suggest changing to a different church too – not just to convince your husband but to get away from a hypocrite.

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