Call girl ‘beat retired accountant to death’ in his £1m home

A retired accountant who turned to escort girls  after the death of his wife was brutally murdered by one at his £1million home, a court heard yesterday.The body of Winston Fernandez, 69, lay undiscovered for almost a month after 38-year-old Russian prostitute Natalia Woolley beat him to death, it is alleged.

The £600-a-night vice girl, who describes herself online as ‘alluring to all men and incredibly sexy’, is said to have descended into a rage after an argument over what services she would provide.

Jurors heard she repeatedly kicked, punched and stamped on her client before cutting the telephone lines and leaving him for dead.

Prosecutor William Saunders claimed Woolley repeatedly  beat the pensioner and left him dead or dying with injuries all over his body, including 17 fractured ribs and two broken bones in his larynx.

Mr Saunders added: ‘The post-mortem showed he had been beaten to death. By beaten I mean punched and kicked.

‘These injuries would have left him unable to move, in obvious pain, and of course he would have had difficulties in breathing as well.’

Mr Fernandez turned to drink and escort girls after the death of his wife Joan 12 years ago, Guildford Crown Court was told.

He had booked Woolley three times previously via an escort agency and even wrote an  online review praising her ‘aesthetic curves’ after ‘eight amazing hours’.

He wrote: ‘All good – nay, outstanding. It is a pleasure to be with you every time! I have been addicted to you, I will spend [a] lifetime with you!!’

Jurors heard the pair got into a fight during an appointment at Mr Fernandez’s house in Epsom, Surrey, after she arrived at 7.30pm on January 16 this year. Woolley later told police she  had attacked him in self-defence after he pushed her on the bed and tried to make her engage in sex acts she didn’t want to perform.

She also claimed he had drunkenly locked her in and tried to swing a bottle at her.

But Mr Saunders said this did not account for Mr Fernandez’s injuries, which were inflicted with ‘considerable force’.

The court heard that after leaving the house some time after midnight, she called a cab and went home.

She later called her mobile network to see whether the location of her phone could be tracked and then changed her number, the court heard.

Jurors were told she also revisited the scene a number of times, telling one friend she needed to ‘see if someone was still alive’.

Police found Mr Fernandez’s decomposing body slumped against his bed a month later – on February 13 – after a neighbour raised the alarm.

Woolley was arrested on April 2 and when police raided her home they seized her cowboy boots among other items.

The court heard Mr Fernandez, an alcoholic with a number of health problems, was estranged from his two grown-up sons and had few friends.

The court heard Mr Fernandez, an alcoholic with a number of health problems, was estranged from his two grown-up sons and had few friends.

His £1million four-bedroomed detached house was messy and chaotic and he was known to have pestered police with numerous calls.

Mr Saunders added: ‘He was a lonely, difficult old man who frequently found comfort in alcohol. He had also recently started to use the services of escort agencies. He used them for company and he used them for sex.’

Woolley, of West Kensington, London, was registered with the Diamond Escorts and 24-Carat Escorts agencies, and used the names Lenka and Alice to ply her trade. The blonde featured in various poses on the agency websites and in one described herself falsely as 26 but ‘mature’.

Woolley denies murder.

The trial continues.

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