I saw DAD having SEX with our MAID, should I tell my MUM?

Am a 17 year old girl in form three and something happened late July while I was sitting for my exams and am confused what to do.

One day, my Dad thought I had gone to school as usual for my exams, but I just finished writing exams the pevious day, so I had to take a long rest to relieve myself of all the exam stress I had gone through. My Dad has a business of his own, while my Mum works as a physiotherapist in a Government hospital. It is a usual routine that my Mum takes us children to school every morning.
It was 12noon when I started hearing some strange voices in the parlour. I never expected anybody to be at home at this time other than our maid, but the voices I was hearing sounded like my Dad’s.
My room is very close to the parlour and you can virtually see everything that goes on there. I peeped in through my room door and guess what I saw, my Dad on top of our maid making passionate love to each other. From what I saw, they have been on this for a while and to my utmost surprise, I overheard our maid calling my Dad by his first name.
I hated my Dad for this action. It`s been over a week now that this incident happened, both of them never knew I saw them. But I can`t take this any longer, Please advise me, should I tell my mum?

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I am a Graphic artist and lover of computer generated images. Business minded, and also love to have fun. I love the media. MablizzyOfficial is staying updated with info and keeping others updated as well..

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