SHIT JUST GOT REAL: Ashley Lott Murders Nicki Minaj with WORDS!!!

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Nicki Minaj rapper has been getting a lot of Ham, Nam and Bam after she openly endorsed Republican candidate Mitt Romney On a surprising verse from Lil Wayne’s Dedication 4 mixtape, saying; ‘I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/ You lazy b—hes is f—ing up the economy’.

Obama was asked about that in an interview yesterday and her replied; “i am sure she had a song on there, i’m not entirely sure its what she said”.   But Nicki’s fans and friends have been bashing her, just 18 minutes ago on facebook, Ashley Lott who from her deep words knew Nicki from way back wrote: Click after the cut to read Ashley Lotts’s words in the capture.

It wrote;

Ashley Scott: “Well well Nicki Minaj, I guess you have forgotten who you really are….Onika Maraj.  The same chick who was working at Red Lobster, selling her mixtapes out of the trunk of her car, rapping on a stoop in  South-side jamaican Queens tryna get heard.

Same chick who had no a** once upon a time, same chick  whose daddy was on crack and selling everything up out of the house. Same chick whose mother had to work extra hard to make a living for her family. Same chick who said out of her own mouth she knows the struggle. But yet you say your a Republican voting Mitt Romney and these lazy b***ches fuckn up the economy.

Girl i have lost all kinds of respect for you. Anybody who knows me knew that i was a Nicki fan. Took up for you when people talked you down. Listened to and understood all your music. But honey you let the money and the fame take over. Money is the root of all evil. Smh, you are a very sorry example of a black successful woman. All my respect is lost for you along with others. Are you even registered to vote? Umm… get it together Onika.. “

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  1. see bashing…

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