New Page ‘Campus Divas looking For Sex’ on facebook stirs commotion

Divas for rich men has  is said not to be a prostitution page, but a dating page for rich men and campus girls ABOVE 18 !! But a visit to the page clearly states opposite as you’ll see skimpily clad ladies throttling their stuff ass above. The ‘likes’ have been marvelous and the number of people talking about has been tremendous.

For a while now it has benn in operation and raised no dust, but became more of a sensation yesterday, as Kenyan media personalities decided to give their two cents.

This morning, Kiss 100 breakfast show presenter in Kenya, Caroline Mutoko bashed the girls for openly selling sex online. She was aggregated that instead of them studying, they had decided to focus their attention on attracting rich men to cater for their needs. Carol highlighted on the importance of being independent and working for one own.
The site was angered and decided to respond to her criticism… .
Carolyne Mutuku the next time you bombard us on air, one of our well built tycoons has promised to spank you hard until you nosebleed!! So you bera watch it !!

This led to massive online reaction. Some of the comments read:
Susan Njeri Joso this r the sam gals who sleep wit their bosses 4a promo,kweli mnatoka mbali,u cheap women thats why men don respect us animo they think they can buy us,shame on u cheap beggers coz thats wat u r.
Omwami Nerimah Whateva happend to crazy…this is just wrong in every sence..they shud chnge their mame to ‘UNGREATFUL BITCHES’
Nelxon Neyz-star Nesta Mshyest Eti divas…nkt go en google tha meanin of diva…they kant du this juxt change 2 prostitutes dyn 4 cheap money…
Cedric Moses kwani mnauzia kuma kortini
Tony Ngash women are just one of the things in this world that men can have.
Jay Njenga LETS REPEAT THIS REQUEST. If you dont like the page….Just UNLIKE. Ease on the insults guys.and as you leave whisper a prayer.
Emprèss Aýshèr Bäíbyk @Douglas, including ur mother. Shez a woman too. Isnt she. N u, a product of prostitution. Boo hoo. Sucks to be you, daent it?
Kui Fatuma Threatning carol?u must be out of ua mind ,,shez unshakable,,,shez mess up ua ass u all ,,watch out instead!!
Florah Mwaura Vitisho baridi ndo izo xaxa
Andrew Noriego Obwanji U c hw fast ladies ar moving thats jst hw faaast u wil also perish so ths crap of ati cmpo divas 4 heavywei8s jst doesnt add up so shut the fuck up n style up,bitches!
Portia O Cato kwenda.acha tuambiwe how rotten cumpus gal are.
Pâülýn Gëêlãny Mwïxx hahaha huyu admin tunaambiwa ako paris am sure anauzanga mutura pale k.u hahaha
Additionally, the group’s admin told Kalekyye Mumo and Shaffie Weru of the same station to watch out and stop poking the noses in their business. It has grown from 3,033 to over 11,000.

Another group Campus hunks for rich ladies was also set up. It is yet to generate as much reaction as its sister group.

Culled from Kanyan Post

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