Men Vs Women: Who cheats more – Why both cheat

#15 Successful Guys Attract Women

Successful men with a lot of money often cheat because they do not spend a lot of time with their families (they’re too busy traveling and working) and their success makes them attractive to women. How else could you explain how Donald Trump managed to cheat on his wife, Ivana, with a beauty queen from Georgia?

#14 Some Women Want it All and a Bit More

Some women want to experience as much from life as they can. They work hard and they play hard. That can mean drug and alcohol abuse. It can also mean cheating. Whoopi Goldberg is a good example of how some women just need more and more. You’d think she had it all, but she admits that she cheated on her husbands.

#13 Some Guys Cheat because It’s Easy

Some guys cheat just because they can. Ethan Hawke, for instance, cheated on Uma Thurman with the family nanny. Was the nanny really more appealing than Uma Thurman? Probably not, but she was around the house a lot, making it easier for Ethan to seduce her when Uma was away.

#12 Women Cheat Because They Can

Some women cheat simply because it’s easy. Let’s face it: men are dogs. If a lady is willing, so are they. That makes it quite tempting for some women.

#11 Genetics Tell Us to Cheat

Cheating isn’t moral, but your genetics aren’t worried about that. According to recent theory, the genes of both men and women encourage them to deceive mates so they can have successful children that can then pass on their genes to another generation. Sure, you don’t think that’s what’s happening, but that’s why it works so well.

#10 Some Guys are Legitimately Insane

Some guys are just crazy. They have awesome women, but they don’t know how to settle down. Throw in some substance abuse and fame a la Charlie Sheen, and you end up with the kind of guy who cheats on Denise Richards.

#9 Men are Smug

Give a guy some good looks and a bit of success, and suddenly he becomes so smug that he doesn’t think he’ll get caught cheating. Sometimes he’s right. Sometimes he gets dumped and goes to jail for soliciting a “working girl.”

#8 Guys are Idiots

Some guys are just dumb. Let’s take Ryan Philippe as an example. This guy is married Reese Witherspoon, a super-pretty, super-wealthy woman, and yet he cheats on her. Idiocy is the only answer.

#7 Everyone Makes Mistakes When They’re Young

If you’re under 30, you’re going to do something dumb. That doesn’t mean everyone over 30 makes the best decisions all the time. It just means you lack perspective when you’re young, so you’re much more likely to mess up your relationships.

#6 Men Feel Insecure

Being locked down with one woman can make a guy feel insecure. He starts to wonder whether any other women want him. And then he makes the mistake of finding out that he can still pick up lady. That’s usually about the time that women stop liking him.

#4 Women Like to Move Up

Take a woman married to an average guy and give her the chance to move up to a super handsome guy with a bunch of money. Do you think she’ll cheat? Obviously not all women will, but a good number will.

#3 Women Get Tired of Nice Guys

You don’t have to be a self-destructive woman to leave behind a great man. You just have to get tired of seeing the same person every day. That makes some women leave behind terrific guys for bad boys. That could explain why a cute, seemingly level-headed woman like Meg Ryan left Dennis Quaid for someone like Russell Crowe.

#2 Perfectionist Men Can’t See a Good Woman When They Have Her

Perfectionist men often find themselves criticizing their mates far more than they deserve. When someone more alluring shows up, those men head out the door for a new adventure that makes them feel more successful.

#1 Super-Successful Guys Think They Deserve the World

Some men have it all (great careers, wonderful families, plenty of cash), yet they want even more. Throw in good looks that draw in the ladies and some men think that they deserve side action simply because they can get it.

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  1. Bwahahaha, women get tired of nice guys? WTH is Meg Ryan’s name on that list? Quaid wasnt a nice guy, he CHEATED on Ryan for years and years, causing the breakup of their marriage and driving her straight into another way nicer man’s arms.

    Cheating men are NOT ‘Nice guys’ people.

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