White Man Turns Black With Melanin Injections

ImageThis is why I love Facebook. I stumble upon some of the greatest things I’ve ever seen just from this social media site. I’m lucky enough to have friends and fans who post things that make you think or simply educate you. The other day, I was going through a friends site and I saw a picture of a white man who turned black by injecting himself with synthetic melanin. No, no….you read that right… I was in complete disbelief, so I went to my know-it-all Best Friend (Google haha) to find out some more information…and I found a lot of medical technical stuff (that I wasn’t in the mood to try to sift through). But after a little more research I found some articles talking about Melanotan II aka the “Barbie Drug” and I found a whole world of information. This Barbie Drug is sold as a ‘tan without the sun damage’ quick fix and is used by injecting the liquid into your abdomen every second day, along with one to two sunbed sessions a week, until the desired skin colour is reached and then once a week after that. It’s available online and amazon.com even advertises it.

Apparently this drug which isn’t illegal to sell, but it illegal for human consumption because it hasn’t been properly tested, is all the rage in Australia and the U.K. It’s making it’s way to North America and I can’t believe how many people are willing to use it.

What a society we live in! It seems like there is a quick fix for whatever is ailing you…you just have to be willing to pay the price either in dollars or health. There is no telling what kind of side effects these people will have in the years to come.

Be happy with who you are! And if you’re not happy, go through the proper channels to help improve the amazing person you already are!

Has anyone else out there heard about this before now? What are your thoughts?

The Real African Truth

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I am a Graphic artist and lover of computer generated images. Business minded, and also love to have fun. I love the media. MablizzyOfficial is staying updated with info and keeping others updated as well..

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  1. I see you read very a lot of it… NO, YOU DID NOT.
    OR you would know he is GERMAN and it is NOT “synthetic melanin” it’s a synthetic of
    the HORMONE that tells the melanocytes to get busy and make melanin.

  2. This doesn’t look like a genuine before and after shot. So his hair got nappy because of the shots? And he suddenly grew frown marks across his forehead? Year right!

  3. The guy in the ball cap is Wolfie, he’s german. And I can assure you
    none of it is fake.

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