“My HUSBAND almost killed me for denying him pieces of meat,”

Accused of displaying uncontrolled jealousy after 29 years of marriage to Kudirat Busari is Mr. Saliu Busari of 9, Akewusola St., Agege, Lagos. Kudirat was said to have dragged her husband to a Grade A Customary Court, Alagbado, Lagos on Tuesday, complaining that her husband is fond of beating her whenever he sees her talking to another man.
The 49-year-old food seller accused her husband of always falsely accusing her of adultery, beating her up, and not meeting his financial obligations to the family. At the court the said woman was said to have been pleading for the dissolution of their marriage declaring there’s no more love existing in the union.
She revealed to the court that she got her last beating over missing piece of meat in her pot which her salesgirl refused to give Busari.
The lady had this to say to the court:
“On March 22, Busari came to my shop when I was not in and ordered my sales girl to give him meat, but the girl refused. This made my husband to beat me severely that night when he came home. I am tired of beatings,’’.
“He beats me up any time he sees me standing with another man,’’ Kudirat said.
Busari, 55, denied all allegations against him but admitted that their relationship is devoid of love.

Mr. M. O. Jolaoso, who presided over the hearing, adjourned the case till September 10 for further hearing

Residents of Mundulwa village in Busia County were in shock when neighbors caught a man red handed raping one of his hens. The man is alleged to be living with his hens in his house and rarely lets them out during the day.
 A woman neighbor who witnessed the incident said she was walking home from work when she heard Protus Ojiambo’s chicken crow in a weird way. She approached the house and peeped through the window.
She was shocked when she saw the sight of a man pants down mounting on the poor chicken which he held on his hand and was bleeding profusely.The woman alerted neighbors who camped outside the house waiting to confront Ojiambo for his wicked actions. Ojiambo however feared the wrath of his neighbors and decided to kill himself.
Ojiambo slit his throat with a knife and died as the neighbors tried to bring down his door to rescue him.

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