Murdered Cynthia Osokogu: Two arrests made + the dark side of social media

The beautiful Cynthia Osokogu, the only daughter of General
and Mrs Frank Osokogu whose search began on the 24th of
July 2012 ended tragically on Saturday 18th August 2012
when she was sadly traced to a morgue. According to our
source who confirmed that 2 arrests have so far been
made, Cynthia was a victim of a 419 robbery gone wrong.
She had been invited by a friend she met on FACEBOOK and
decided to see him on her shopping trip to Lagos. At the
Airport on arrival, she put up a call to her mother who had a brief conversation with her as the mum was embroiled with
discussion with someone. By the time the mother returned
the call, another person picked up her call and informed her that Cynthia could not be reached as she was busy working.
This went on for days until the persons attempted to extort
money from the family which made panic set in and the
family began the desperate search for their daughter.
According to the source it has been discovered that Cynthia
was taken to a yet to be named hotel in the Festac Area by
the friend she had met on FACEBOOK, drugged and robbed on
the same 24th of July 2012.
She however, never came out of the drug induced sleep and
was found dead on the 25th of July 2012 by staff of the
hotel. Since no identification was found on her as a result of all her belongings having been stolen, the hotel deposited her body in the morgue and only helped to identify where she had been deposited when they stumbled on her picture on social
media. According to the source, the suspects arrested have
admitted to have been in this business for some time, and
claimed that Cynthia was their 6th Victim. Sadly, she never
lived to see another day.
We would keep you updated as more information reach us. In
the meantime, it is important to warn everyone especially
ladies to be weary of accepting friends on FACEBOOK,
friend whom I just shared the story with had confirmed that
his fiancée’s sister fell victim to a similar incidence a month ago. She met someone posing as a Lady on FACEBOOK who
promised her she would help her get a job and invited her to meet with a guy at a hotel Amowu Odofin at 5 pm on fateful
evening. The guy took her to his room and asked her to fill
some documents and brought out 2 packs of Ribena, gave her
one and proceeded to open his. She took the Ribena and
woke up by 2am stark naked. Her phones, bag, identity card
had been stolen. She called the room service who was
gracious to give his phone with which she used to call her
sister, who in turn called my friend and they raced over to
pick her up. She was lucky. Cynthia wasn’t.

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