Police arrests lad who threw bottle at runners to disrupt Olypmics 100ms final


A DRUNKEN lout who threw a bottle on to the track of the Olympic stadium just before the men’s 100 metres final has been arrested.

Police confirmed they had taken the man into custody on suspicion of causing a public nuisance.

A spokesman said: “A man had been heard to shout abuse and was gobbing off then he threw the plastic bottle just before the race. “He was arrested at the stadium.

Dutch judo star Edith Bosch also scolded the yob, who was sitting near her in the stands as Usain Bolt prepared to dash to victory last night.

The Olympic bronze medallist judoka tweeted: “A drunken guest threw a bottle onto the track in front of me! I have beaten him… Unbelievable! #mad #disrespectful.”

The World and European champion, 32, then added: “GVD… I also missed the 100 m! What a BEEP! # grrrrrrr.”

The bottle was seen flying from the stands onto the track behind the sprinters at the Olympic stadium just a second before the starting gun.

Sports fans expressed their outrage on Twitter.

Luke Aaron Moore tweeted: “Anyone see someone throw a bottle just before start of 100m final? Seriously, how much of a ******* do you have to be? There are no words.”

Max Eaves wrote: “What absolute moron threw a bottle at the start line in the 100m final. Idiot.”

Speaking after the race, US sprinter Justin Gatlin, who won bronze, said: “It was a little distraction and I didn’t know what it was.

“But when you’re in those blocks and the whole stadium’s quiet you can hear a pin drop.”

Bolt told reporters he had been unaware of the incident.

He added: “No, I keep hearing that. I don’t know who would have done that.”

Fellow Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake said: “I was so focused I didn’t see anything. I was so focused on just running to the line.”

Nobody was injured during the incident and the event was not disrupted, police said.

Gatlin said the incident had not affected the race: “You just have to block it out and go out there and do what you got to do. You can’t complains about that, the race went on and it was a great race.”

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