Bizzarre! Woman delivers Live Monkey in Benue State

Today, we live in a Nigeria where wonders never seem to cease. Daily, we hear of  happenings that defile all scientific and logical reasoning. This time around, the “Beyond-Normal” situation occured in Benue State.

News reaching us is that a woman, wife to a hunter from Oju Local Government Area has just been recently reported to have delivered  a monkey-like creature in Otukpo, a popular town in Benue State. It was said to have taken place recently at St Theresa Hospital, Otukpo.

The strange delivery, occurred on the delivery of her 10th child and has left the woman in a state of complete shock as she has previously delivered 9 children successfully in the past. According to an eyewitness, when the news broke out, residents of the town, especially those at the nearby Otukpo main market rushed to the hospital to see for themselves.

Even though the Medical Director of the hospital, Dr Stanley Bwala has described the strange development as “congenital malformation”, and insisted that the situation could have been avoided  if she had been attending Antenatal Clinics, We beg to disagree. This is no longer the evolution age where man (according to scientists) is still transiting from the early man “australopithecus-africanus” to “Homo-Sapiens”,  and  if that were the case, the evolution theory propounded didn’t occur in a woman’s womb for 9 months! Thus in our  view,  this situation can only be described as strange.

In a brief chat with elder Adah Okoh, a traditional ruler in the area, he noted that in the Idoma tradition, such child should not be allowed to stay with the mother for fear of reincarnation. Asked if the monster should be buried alive or killed, elder Okoh said that should be left for the family to decide.

Tell us, is this case bizarre?

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