Naeto C’s Porsche Cayenne Wedding Gift Lands Auto Lounge Boss in Police Cell


Trouble has once again reared itself in paradise as NaijaHottestgist has just learnt that the Porsche Cayenne given to Naeto and Nicole, as their wedding gift, is a 2009, not the 2012 model as we were made to believe. The fault however doesn’t lie with the very generous in-law of Naeto-C, Dumebi Kachikwu, but with the seller of the car Larry Onuegbu(Auto Lounge owner).

He falsely sold a 2009 model Porsche Cayenne SUV to Naeto C’s former inlaw and potrayed same as  2012 model of the same brand of SUV. Sources inform us that it was his stock-in-trade to defraud innocent customers with outdated cars. They say he has done it to so many people.

The expensive wonder-on-wheels bought for Naeto C as a wedding gift last Saturday was so well overhauled that the buyer didn’t suspect he was buying a passé product. At the top notch wedding ceremony, which held a few days ago, the famous businessman had asked one of his beneficiaries, D-Banj to present the car gift to Naeto-C and his new wife, Nicole, ostensibly because he didn’t want to be seen as been unnecessarily showy.  

Words may not well capture how much joy had welled up in the minds of the newly-weds, but as they say, so ephemeral is the lifespan of falsehood, the truth soon blew open in the unlikeliest of places. The wonder-on-wheels was taken to the Porsche mart in Lagos after a suspicion that all is not well with the ‘new’ toy. It was discovered at the mart that the Porshe SUV was 2009 model not 2012 as Larry claimed.

via Niajahotgists

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