AGAIN? Oyo State Governor Ajimobi with 15 Commisioners sited on Olympic Jamboree in London







Of late, Oyo State Governor, Ajimobi has been constant in the news, for various reasons, most of which is nothing to write home about for a public officer seen by many as a role model.

The dust is yet to settle on the report that the Oyo State government sent wives of state legislators on a wasteful jamboree to the United Kingdom, to “learn how to support their husbands”, now the most recent development is that the Governor with about 15 commissioners and their assistants have decided to follow suit spending about $250,000 of public funds on a fun trip to the Olympic games.

Ironically Oyo state was couple of days back hit by a flood, leaving many homeless and  even washing away a temporary wooden bridge in Apete, Ido Local Government Area, thus  cutting off several communities. In the past one year, reports have it that the state has continually been hit by floods which has lead to the loss of  lives and property, and the government is not seen to be making any visible efforts to alleviate this problem.

Using the flood problem as an alibi, sources say that the Governor and his entourage decided to travel to the UK claiming that they  will be hunting for foreign investors( The last time we checked, the Olympics was the world’s greatest sporting event not a summit on flood and environmental disaster control in Africa!) but in the true sense, the governor and his team are busy enjoying the Olympics and shopping amongst other things, in London.

Citizens of Oyo state are complaining bitterly and are almost comparing Ajimobi to former Governor Akala, as the presence of good governance is lacking in the state. Instead, the governor prefers to squander public funds and tax payers money on absurd jamborees and “trainings”  and other irrelevancies while there are more pressing issues to attend to in the state.

God help Oyo State, and Nigeria as a whole, Amen.

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