Twitter: Fan apologises for threatening to kill Uche Jombo

Richards Femi and Uche Jombo

One Richards Femi has apologised for threatening to kill actress-producer,  Uche Jombo Rodriguez.

The young man made the apology on micro blogging site, Twitter yesterday, Monday, July 22, 2012. According to him, his threat was an empty one and was borne out of his desire to get noticed by the actress. In a series of tweets posted on his timeline, he apologised to Uche Jombo as well as her fans.

‘Please do 4gve me Her Majesty @uchejombo. I ws just craving to get ur tweet. Dats all. God Bless. Pls RT pls pls pls… @ib_presenter @uchejumbo @ujsoldiers Am at d edge of been ‘Disowned’ by my Dad. AM SO SOWIE. Never meant it dis way at all... @ujsoldiers @uchejombo Am so sowie pls. Guess i have to finally de-activate dis shit…’ @Phemyjes tweeted.

Prior to his apology, Femi had posted series of distasteful messages directed towards the actress for failing to respond to messages he sent to her on Thursday, July 19 and Friday July 20, 2012, where he congratulated her for her successes.

@uchejombo May God continually bless you Ma. Please can i get a RT from you. God Bless you…. The Almighty God that did it for @uchejombo will surely do it for me. Cn i hear an Amen? @Phemyjes tweeted. This was followed by a complaint, ‘I hate 8 wen @uchejombo refuses and ignore my tweets. #NoProblem’ which he sent few minutes after he did not get a response from Uche.

‏Then on Sunday, July 22, 2012, he posted on the actress’ time line, a message in which he confessed to hating the actress and wishing he had a pistol, after which he ridiculed her calling her scared for responding to the message after three months of neglecting him.

‘I hate @Uchejombo Take it or Leave. She knws why…. I wish i get a Pistol…@uchejombo No matter what u do, am still gonna ff u. U cn as well block me. Guess dat wld be beta…@uchejombo The first tym i got ur reply. SMH. Afta 3 months of following. She’s scared!…Some Celebrities really nid Tutorial and Orientation abt #Integrity,#Discipline and #Stardom @uchejombo’, he tweeted.

Meanwhile the actress, who recently got married, is yet to state whether or not she will take legal steps on the threat but only replied his message, wishing him luck with his plans

‏’Good luck with that n rem to help urself out 1st when u get one’ @uchejombo tweeted.

Source: Nigeriafilms

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