Man gets 6months jail for pinching woman’s buttocks

A BRIT told of his shock yesterday after being jailed for six months in Dubai for pinching a woman’s bottom in a bar.
Businessman Steven Sherriff, 43, called the verdict “insane” as he waited for cops to arrive after being sentenced in his absence.
He was said to have groped a 23-year-old, whose furious boyfriend punched him unconscious.
But he called the claim “ridiculous”, saying it was mistaken identity.
His stunned wife Betina added: “He doesn’t even know how to flirt, let alone do this.”
Mr Sherriff was advised to stay away from court on Tuesday by his Arab lawyer, who had still not called him when The Sun broke the news of the draconian sentence.
Belfast-born Mr Sherriff said: “This is insane. How can I be found guilty when one of the witnesses says I didn’t do it? If I go to jail, it is going to ruin everything. It’s a nightmare.”
He was on a bar crawl with a friend when his accuser complained he had pinched her left buttock and groped between her legs.
But Mr Sherriff said: “She admitted she didn’t see who did it but insists it was me because she turned around and I was there. Her own friend told police I did not touch the girl. It’s ridiculous I’ve been sentenced.”
Mr Sherriff, an investor who sells aircraft paint, has lived in Dubai for seven years and been married for 14 years. His Danish wife lives near Copenhagen and travels to Dubai once a month to see him.
Mr Sherriff will be deported after serving his prison term. He said last night that he planned to appeal against his sentence but is running out of money for legal bills.



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